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Diaper Girl

Adult Baby and Diaper Lovers :)

Printed Adult Diapers

adult-diaper for adult-baby abdl Bambino - Bambino Classico 2 Bags of 8 - $32.76

adult-diaper for adult-baby abdl 8 X Cuddlz Printed Adult Nappy Size Large - $15,77

Castor Oil Laxative for Forced Messing clip Time for your bottle! But guess what? You’re getting more than just juice today…Ms. Savannah has added a heavy dose of Castor oil to your bottle, which is going to make you have to go sooooo bad! Ms. Savannah sweetly cackles at your discomfort. The Castor oil is really doing the trick! She feeds you from a bottle and makes sure you get every last drop, then listens intently to the rumbling in your tummy. You’re going to have some VER

Strictly Bound Diaper Girls adult-baby girl abdl schoolgirl outfit with diaper

It is getting a bit ridiculous how Apple is persistently SO FREAKING CUTE. adult-baby girl abdl diaper