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ModernSauce: June 2014

The doorway at the Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek, Lebanon

Burrows Cave Artifacts | ... and survival: Mysterious Artifacts of the "Burrows' cave" in Illinois

Deep in the mountains of Jackson County, just outside Sylva, North Carolina, sets a large, baffling stone. It is a soapstone boulder and it’s covered with a plethora of strange drawings that some archaeologists believe may be 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Even the Cherokee Indians consider the site ancient, pre-dating their presence in the area. The rock has been studied by researchers across the world, but no one has ever deciphered the bizarre petroglyphs on the stone or figured out who made them.

30 miles northwest of Thermopolis, Wyo. Ice Age paintings and carvings in Europe are revered as sublime achievements of early humans, yet the prehistoric rock art in the American West is far less known. At Legend Rock in central Wyoming, 10,000 years of profound beliefs are inscribed on red sandstone cliffs

Portals to Other Realities

The oldest door in Britain in Westminster Abbey -A 900-year-old door was put in place in the 1050s, during the reign of the Abbey's founder, Edward the Confessor. The door, which measures 6.5ft by 4ft, was made from one tree which probably grew between AD 924 and 1030. Simon Thurley, of English Heritage, said: "It is incredible to think that when the door was made the Norman Conquest had not yet happened and William of Normandy was still a young man of about 20." That's pretty cool.

Old London Town - London, United Kingdom Travel Blog

leedskalnin and his antigravity device. Leedskalnin device supported his claim that he knew how the pyramids were built. Took his secret to the grave. He solely built the Corral Castle in Fla. during the night.

Xochipilli (Prince of Flowers), Aztec god of love, beauty, dancing and music

Bajo el Signo de Libra: Xochipilli

This amazing piece of ancient art once decorated the Mayan Temple at Tikal. It shows a man in a boat escaping from a land that is sinking into the ocean. A drowning man can be seen and a volcano erupts as a pyramid collapses into the water. Discovered and photographed by a German archeologist, it was taken to Berlin, but unfortuanately destroyed there during WW2. - unconfirmed

The Carnac stones are over 3,000 massive rocks in rows and other shapes that expand over 2 miles of the french countryside. Weighing 20-350 tons, many researchers believe they are connected with our planetary energy grid system. At one end sits a stone circle like Stonehenge, at the other a rectangle of stones. Both appear precisely placed to predict the summer and winter solstice. The alignment of many rows reveals a Huge Pythagorean Triangle (2,000 years before Pythagoras) 3300 B.C-4,500 B.C

The back of Tutankamun's golden throne.

Forensic scientists and artists completed in 2005 the first ever facial reconstructions of King Tut using CT scans of his mummified remains. The pharaoh's reconstructed facial composition turned out to be strikingly similar to ancient portraits of Tut.

Image Gallery: Amazing Egyptian Discoveries

Home owner discovers ancient underground city beneath his house in Anatolia

“Beauty of Loulan” The oldest mummies found in the Tarim Basin come from Loulan located at the east end of the egg shaped Taklamakan Desert. Dressed only in shades of brown, she was alive as early as 2000 B.C. during the era of Abraham and the patriarchs. She died when she was about 40. Next to her head there is a basket which contains grains of wheat.

The Takla Makan Mummies

Haunted Winchester Mystery House, Stairs To Nowhere

Sarah Winchester's Bedroom where she died...

Abandoned prison underwater.

Abandoned Prison Under Water (54 pics)

The Longest Underwater Cave in Russia. Ordinskaya Cave is located on the left bank of the Kungur river, the Perm Region. It’s the longest underwater cave in Russia and the second longest underwater cave in Eurasia

The Longest Underwater Cave In Russia | English Russia

Underwater City, Havana, Cuba: A team of scientists continues to explore megalithic ruins found in the Yucatan Channel near Cuba. They have found evidence of an extensive urban environment stretching for miles along the ocean shore. Some believe that the civilization that inhabited these predates all known ancient American cultures. So far, only computer models of this mysterious underwater city exist.

Alexandria UnderWater Open Museum