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400 Million Year Old Machine Found in Russia. RUSSIA. In the remote Kamchatka peninsula (map below), 200 km from Tigil, University of St. Petersburg archaeologists discovered a strange fossil. The authenticity of the find has been certified. According archaeologist Yuri Golubev, occurs that, in this case the discovery surprised scientists by its nature, at least - unusual, able to change history (or pre-history). It is not the first time that is an artifact, an ancient object, something like...

Titanic 1st Class Verandah | saloon the first class lounge the first class promenade deck

Discovered less than 30 years ago beneath the bustling streets of Scotland’s capital city, the Edinburgh Vaults are consistently named one of the most haunted places in the world-and for good reason. For more than 200 years the abandoned vaults remained untouched, trapping the gho

5 of the World’s Most Haunted Places

Pompeii - this is actually a cast of the void left by a person who was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time when Mt. Vesuvius erupted that fateful day... Horrifying, and I cannot imagine the terror.

My Tasty Journey: One of my favorites...

Shortly after excavation on the Acropolis. The Calf-Bearer and the Kritios Boy . Unknown Artist. Ca. 1865. Albumen silver print from glass negative.

In the yesterwoods... A 13th Century Scottish castle built by Goblins...

13th Century Castle For Sale, Built By Goblins | Ghost Theory

Rock Cut Bas Relief On The Stairs Of A Running Elephant At The Airavatesvara Temple, Darasuram, India

Retouched photo. President Lincoln meeting with General 'Little Mac' McClellan in the General's tent at Antietam in the wake of his controversial decisions, September 1862.

Delphi 1894 The statue of Hadrian's lover is just found

Hafnarfjördur is famous for having one of Iceland’s largest settlements of elves, dwarves and other mystical beings, which (translating from the Icelandic) are collectively called ‘Hidden Folk.’ Centuries-old folklore has it that whole clans of such beings reside in the rocks that make up part of the town’s centre.

Walking In Iceland - City Walk / Hidden Folks