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Eye Candy - Boyz

24 Pins

This is what I call Hippie Hot ♥

Garrett Hedlund.

Matt Corby. Hot hippy meets Aussie musician.

Zac Efron. Lord.

Gene Kelly

Zac Efron - 'cause he can sing and dance and act...and 'cause he's growing up very *ahem* nicely:-)

My fave Canadian, eye-candy, reno guy: Scott Mcgillivray

John Gallagher Jr -- from great Broadway musicals to my fave new tv show The Newsroom, he's found a way onto my list.

Harry Styles.

Listen. I get that I am 35 & Harry Styles is a kid. But damn. DAMN.

Matt Bomer - just discovered him in White Collar.

. RDJr. - and, yeah, my hubby really does look lots like this man. Lucky me.

Robert Downey Jr. - Zodiac

Wilson Bethel - Hart of Dixie - is quickly becoming a new favourite of mine:-)


I will repin this because when hot meets funny meets Canadian, I'm all over that.

jake gyllenhaal - well, kinda anyway...

The best eye candy of all - the kind I get to see every day. My husband. *purrrrrr*

Anthony The "Raw" Model: not often do you find a man this beautiful inside and out. A raw food guru, and gentle soul, this is a whole different kind of sexy.

Jude Law. After seeing him in The Holiday I was smitten.

Scott Foley was possibly my first TV crush - I loved Felicity. You can imagine how happy I was to see him pop up on Grey's Anatomy this last season. *happy dance*

Taylor Kitsch isn't only over-the-top pretty, he's also Canadian. Yum.

Kevin Rose...this one is for the computer nerd in me:-)

Is it Scott Michael Foster, or the character he portrayed (Cappie) on Greek that really gets me going?

Kyle Riabko may be much too young for me, but he's got all the check marks...