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Being beautiful 'on the inside' is just something ugly people say.

HA, HA!!! oh so worth it! stupid badge bunnies!

From The Police Wife Life :) Omg..Im awful but name across alot of funny things i think and would like to say ..Lol

It's weird when he actually does refer to them by their first names...or when I do, and he just looks confused :)

Funny Birthday Ecard: People who say you are hard to shop for obviously don't know where to buy wine. Happy Birthday!

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Pictures of the week -80 pics- Why Am I Cranky ? Maybe Because F*Ck You.

Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can change, and wine to accept the things I can't.

This is just funny!

Yeah, infertility will do that

Happy Friday!

Why is it when a certain coworker goes on vacation I feel like I am on vacation?

There are people on Facebook who fail to grasp the difference between: ‘what’s on your mind?’ and ‘you should talk to a therapist about that’.