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what collects dust (decor)

Take your favorite photos and arrange them in a wreath shape for this novel take on Christmas decorations.

~linen, antique lace and vintage buttons~

The Painted Hive | Convert a Music Tripod into a Lamp

  • Jill Kregel

    Karen...I just saw a music stand at changing thymes Chicago dr store. Pretty sure it was upstairs and was only $6.

  • Kara Kregel

    Oh, thanks! I actually pinned this for the maps tho... Just love maps!

  • Lois Engelsma

    Totally found a music stand at a garage sale for .50. Collecting dust with my other cool stuff in the basement..... But again, pinned for the maps. Lovely, lovely maps. I am also a bit obsessed. Y'know OUR STYLE. hahahahh

Christmas wrapping idea: Photocopy a photo of you with the person the gift is for a the "tag". Cute!

industrial hanging orb light 1

  • Lois Engelsma

    I will unfriend you on facebook if you make this. That is two hanging basket cages together. Not up to Kara standards.

  • Kara Kregel

    hahaha. i know. i liked the idea of turning a wire ball into a light. nordle has sweet ones right now...

  • Lois Engelsma

    Ok, i'll let it pass..... we'll see what you come up with.