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Stuff to Do with Loquats

Whoa! Great recipes for loquats, including one I'll definitely try - bbq sauce!

Full and Content: Loquats

Loquat Heaven Cake - looks scrumptious, but the recipe's metric.

Loquat Heaven Cake
  • Becca

    Yeah, I think I can find some conversions just to make that delightful looking confection!! :)

  • Ch Fraz Jameel

    how can i find its recipe?

  • Kristen Rush

    Ch Fraz Jameel - just click the photo for a link to the recipe.

LOQUAT RECIPES from Loquat World - go figure they'd have a bunch!

Ooooh! Loquat salsa! Onion, jalapeno, tomato, bell pepper, cilantro, lime juice, salt, pepper, 12 loquats

Loquat Salsa | Hot Sweet Spicy Recipes

Loquat Crumble Recipe: loquats, sugar, lemon juice, allspice, cinnamon, ground cloves, raisins, water - EASY!

Loquat Crumble Recipe from

Loquat Chicken Recipe

Loquat Chicken Recipe -

Loquat Lemon Mint Sorbet

Loquat lemon mint sorbet

Loquat Iced Tea Smoothie - another recipe I'm not sure I'd make, but maybe! I do love my loquats!

Samosas with Loquat-Onion Chutney recipe on

Homemade loquat jam without pectin - this looks like the easiest jam recipe I've found. Made this RIGHT NOW (4.6.13, 8:44 CST) - it is delish! Kids love it too.

Homemade Loquat Jam
  • Kristen Rush

    Easiest way to pit loquats? Cut off the ends and put them in your stand mixer. Beat them for a little while and then sort through the bits and pieces and pull out the seeds. You can also get those leathery bits that are around the seed!

Five Things to do with a Loquat: 1. blanch them, 2. smoothie, 3. cobbler cups, 4. loquat simple syrup (yum!), 5. eat raw

Loquat Peach Waffles - not too sure about these, but I'll save the recipe

Loquat peach waffles

Loquat and Strawberry Pate de Fruits Recipe (French Fruit Jelly Candies) - the description actually makes these sound really good

A blog with links to a slew of loquat recipes (many already pinned)

Seasonal Eats: Forage Your Local Loquats!

Loquat Jam - yet another recipe to try

Cottage Under the Sun: Loquat Jam

Simple loquat Jam

Silver Lake Farms: Loquat Jam

Loquat chutney - not sure I'd try this, but with 5 zillion loquats around, maybe I'll need to!

Loquat Chutney Recipe -

Loquat butter (like apple butter, but with loquats)

Kahakai Kitchen: Farmer's Market Find: Loquats and Loquat Jam

Loquat Jam Recipe - yet another. No pectin in this one

Ramblings From Utopia: Loquat JAMboree