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Be nice to the NURSE

I am an ER nurse... LOVE vintage old photos and historical pieces tied to nursing! Being a nurse is amazing and utterly fulfilling!

A problem with nursing is that a shitty day at work usually does involve poop.

Littmann Classic II SE personalized glitter stethoscope

In an ideal world...right?! Until then, make sure to thank your nurses! This website has an awesome way to send your nurse a Thank You! Pin now, use later! #nursesrock #allnurses #thankanurse #nurselife

NG tube. Some nurses really need to read this.

Anti-vaxxers often don't seem to understand that their unvaccinated children are a risk to children too young to be vaccinated, to people with immune disorders, to people who can't be vaccinated for medical reasons, to people with transplants, and even to vaccinated children (no vaccine is 100% effective). Pinned by RtAVM

The flu shots don't contain live viruses. They cannot cause flu. End of story. Pinned by RtAVM


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Anticholinergic Syndrome, Hyperthermia, dry skin, dilated pupils, vasodilation, hallucinations/agitation

Drugs | Sketchy Medicine

Cute compression socks for those 12 hour shifts!

QD Nurses :: QD Memes

QD Nurses :: QD Memes

why did the nursing student cross the road? In hopes of getting hit by a car.

Lady Behind The Curtain - Brown Sugar Pound Cake

Brown Sugar Pound Cake - Lady Behind the Curtain

Offers PCT's candy. Tells Charge Nurse someone stole her candy.

QD Nurses :: QD Memes

QD Nurses :: QD Memes

QD Nurses :: QD Memes

QD Nurses :: QD Memes

Every time. Its even worse when the patient corrects you.

What NOT To Do in Nursing School

What NOT To Do in Nursing School

Pain is always what the patient says it is.............

Our 5 favorite nursing memes on Tumblr this week



Funny Pictures Of The Day - 100 Pics