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Books Worth Reading

Sometimes you feel alone because of how you prioritize books over everything else. | 31 Confessions Any Book Lover Will Understand

31 Confessions Any Book Lover Will Understand

Is this not what really happens when we read?

A library filled with every book in the world…

Books are the easiest things to pick up and the hardest things to put down.

Ahh so true. The Fault In Our Stars...@Bridget Yamada you must read this NOW!! xoxo thanks

A Book Jar is where you write down titles of books you want to read on little slips of paper and put them in a jar (or whichever container you deem suitable!). Then you pick one out randomly to decide what to read next

When you become so absorbed in the words...

"The books that will move you, inspire you, make you cry, make you think, make you laugh. Even if you read them in high school or college, you'll have a different perspective on them no that you're Out in The World."

9 books to read in 2014 - I have only read Fault in Our Stars- so must look for the others- I needed some reading suggestions!