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FRANCE. Paris. Women in Père-Lachaise cemetery. 1963.

Cemetery for people and pets in Fauglia (PI) Italy

Skull and Crossbones with Sands of Time Symbols of mortality and Viking runes are powerfully carved in this 17th century Scottish grave slab. Dedicated to a member of the Campbell and Roy clans. These symbols also have a relationship to the Knights Templar and the early Masonic order and are found in many old graveyards in Scotland.

Emily Dickinson 1830-1886 West Cemetery in Amherst,Massachusetts

Catherine de Medici's tomb - sculpted effigy by Germain Pilon in the Basilica of Saint Denis, Paris.

Etruscan sarcophagus. Tenderness between husbands and wives was a recurring theme, and should be a daily part of married life

Escil·la, relleu d'una urna etrusca, Boston Skylla, Etruscan urn, Late 3rd century B.C., Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This object is one of five ash urns found in a tomb of the Velsi family of ancient Chiusi. On the urn's front is a Skylla, a winged marine monster with the torso of a young woman and coiled fishtails instead of legs. Many Etruscans believed that the journey to the Underworld involved a dangerous sea voyage.

The Last Kiss...Cemetery in Milan.