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Make a Music Clock! Includes instructions and free printable music notes. This could be a center activity!!

Composing with Musical Staff Dice / Downloadable Pattern / 1:1 iPads / EduCreations / SMARTBoard

Elementary Music Resources: Favourite Finds

Elementary Music Resources: Favourite Finds

Orff Orchestration Notation. Free collection of Orff level info and how to write for Orff in Finale and Sibelius.

Orff Orchestration & Notation

Website has tons of books you can project and read in your classroom all for free! Many can be used in a music classroom too. #bookstomusic #elementary #music #kodaly #orff #bookstomusic

Snowmen at Night - Read | We Give Books

Sing a New Song - lots of great workstation ideas on this site! Check it out!

Tracy has a great series of posts about workstations. Must read! Mrs. King's Music Room: Music Workstations: What Can You Do at a Workstation?

TheWriteStuffTeaching: A Bright Idea For Using the Arts to Teach Acceptance

Hep Cat Symphony-Jazz vs. Classical music. Super, since we study Classical music history and African American music history in 5th grade!

This was a fun activity to do in music class the first week of school involving the whole school! The kids spent just the last 10 minutes of class coloring their note/musical symbol. I also had a bit of a grade level assignment for them to include. The fifth graders wrote their favorite song title, the third graders wrote the value of the assigned note etc.

Love this! Can be used to teach/learn all scales.

Create Your Own Musical Instrument! Common Core Aligned! CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.3.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. Students love this activity! Works well with any music, rhythm, or instrumental unit. Also great for substitute teachers to use or for Fun Fridays!

Music Activities: Design Your Own Musical Instrument!

Touch the image on different Instruments of an Orchestra and hear what each sounds like!

Instruments of an orchestra by Roger Gunn

Tom Thum: The orchestra in my mouth | Video on - this is very very good!

The orchestra in my mouth

Bulletin Board - Great way to tie reading into music and quite simple to create.

Making Music Memories

Singing Games for Children- Traditional Songs and Games from around the world #Kodaly #Musicedchat

Games galore in Gryphon’s Garden

Colored dots that are magnetic that fit on a staffed board in your elementary music classroom... Colors match boomwhackers and handbells. A lot cheaper then buying the already sold ones online!

Make stick horses from pool noodles. Medieval studies.

Mrs. King's Music Room: Making Swimming Noodle Ponies

FUN worksheets for learning (or reinforcing) facts about the instrument families. CC Weeks 19-24