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Preparing Chickens For Winter: I add a layer of food grade D.E. to the coop in the fall after it's been cleaned. This can also be added to their feed. All year round I add apple cider vinegar to their water {1 Tablespoon per gallon}. The vinegar helps maintain an acidic environment in their gastrointestinal tract making it less likely they will be a good host for worms. I also give them pumpkin, including the seeds and strings, which help them naturally rid themselves of worms

Life At Cobble Hill Farm: Preparing Chickens For Winter

Compost Bin for Chickens- section off an area to use as a compost bin to keep scraps of food etc. contained

Birdseyeview's Chicken Coop

9 Point Comb to Toe Chicken Check Up & DIY Antiseptic Ointment -- Community Chickens

Chicken Treat Chart The Best Treats For Backyard Chickens: This is a list of everything you can feed a chicken. However, everybody's chickens have their own tiny brains full of likes and dislikes, so while one person's chickens may come running for grapes or watermelon, another person's chickens may turn up their pointy little beaks at it. Anything on this list is worth a try.