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Kelsey Jackson

Kelsey Jackson

I just might be the happiest girl alive :)

being obnoxiously paranoid< cancer zodiac.

  • Amie Rae

    Why is this so true

  • Jay Greene-Coffindaffer

    We learn. I say I forgive people, because I don't like to be bogged down with holding grudges. However, I tend to NEVER forget, so that person automatically moves to my outer wall circle. It just happens that way.

  • Wesaun Palmer

    I dontdo horoscopes or zodiac type things but this is true about me I have a few friends who i trust with everything and even they dont know some things

  • Wesaun Palmer

    Jay Greene-Coffindaffer well put

  • Jay Greene-Coffindaffer

    That's me with the friends...although I usually have one, and like you they don't even know everything.

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