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No One's World: The West, the Rising Rest, and the Coming Global Turn. This is Charles Kupchan's vision of a future world where many nations challenge the supremacy of the USA and Europe. Very logically and powerfully argued - very readable. Must Read for those interested in international politics and global economics.

Pussy Riot - a punk rock group of girls that invade public places and give impromptu concerts in protest against Vladimir Putin and the lack of free speech in Russia.

  • klywilen

    This is Guerilla Rock! Their 'concerts' usually last less than fifteen minutes before they are arrested and they know that they will end up in jail. Their music stinks, but it takes real balls to go against Putin. Kudos, Pussy Riot!

The Crooked Forest near Gryfino in west Poland. Before WWII this part of Poland belonged to Germany. The Germans fashioned trees in this manner for use in making furniture and as building materials.

Chongqing, in Southwest China, boasts an attractive mix of history and modernity. Perched beside the Yangtze River, the 3,000-year-old city represents the Yangtze River civilization and is the birthplace of Bayu culture. Surrounded by mountains and by the Yangtze and Jialing rivers on three sides, Chongqing is also called Mountain City. The streets are famously undulating and built on slopes. At night, the lights of homes dot the hills, sparkling like stars. Bridges light up in the eveni

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

Tiger's Nest Monastery -- Bhutan

Another view of Tarut fort

Tarut - a sixteenth century Portugese fort near Qatif in Saudi Arabia

Street scene from Ulsan in South Korea

Night view of the Rathaus in Hannover, Germany

Another painted bus-stop near Mozyr in Belarus

The bus-stops in Belarus are painted with various scenes and patterns

A family of geese crossing the road in Chicago

A beautiful pond in the forest near Gdansk in Poland

Unusual view of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul on a misty day

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Entrance to the palace of the Sultan of Oman in Muscat

  • klywilen

    Entrance to the palace of the Sultan of Oman in Muscat

The gateway to the town of Sohar in Oman.

Justice for Trayvon Martin

A powerful vision of alternative futures and possibilities for America's relationship with the world. The author analyzes the current political and economic situation of the USA and other important countries, particularly China, and their interrelationships, and extrapolates several alternative futures.

Advert by Ruch Palikota during the 2011 Polish parliamentary elections advocating the legalization of marijuana. RP is the third largest party in the Polish parliament (Seim) with about 12% of the seats. However, the legalization of 'konopie' seems to be as distant as ever, despite estimates that it would boost the Polish economy by some 3%.