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"I got this Tattoo after my twin brother died. He committed suicide after three tours in the Middle East with the US Army. I had his name badge tattooed right where I put my hand over my heart for the Pledge of Allegiance. Every pledge is a tribute to his service and sacrifice." AMAZING

wow.. and the whole song comes flooding back into my mind. brilliant choice of lyric, powerful song. ♥ xxk

Mother daughter tattoo... Have never considered a tattoo until this

Infinity tattoos on the inside of the pinky with your best friend as a "pinky promise" to be friends forever. this is my next tattoo with danyelle.

I like the idea of the arrows going around the compass, to me it almost says "wherever the wind blows me". I like this a lot.

Tattoo by Dr Woo / Shamrock Social Club / Los Angeles USA

Like the quote, but I really like the tattoo placement - I would like it with the quote "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise" from Les Mis

Another disney tattoo I'm not a fan of hand tattoos at all but If i got one, I would love this.

Small Tattoo Sayings For Girls | Some more girly, hippie tattoos! The dandelions are super pretty!

Love this rose tattoo | cute-tattoo

My tattoo from the Giving Tree

Giving Tree Tattoo for Rex ❤ when i have a son. Only it'll be just "and she loved a little boy..."

the giving tree. i can't read it to desmond because it makes me cry. he always wipes my tears away though.

The Giving Tree tattoo

Everyone is posting their children’s illustration tattoos, so I thought I would post my baby. From Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.

Deff need more bird tattoos to go with the one on my back I already have

74 Matching Tattoo Ideas To Share With Someone You Love

Throughout my numerous trips to Oregon, one of my favorite memories would have to be when my aunt, grandma, and I climbed Marys Peak in Philomath. Yes, it wasnt that high, but when you got to the top, it was beautiful. You could see the line where the ocean met the sky, see the valleys, and all the beauty Oregon had to hold. When my grandmother passed away in December, I recalled this as being one of the times I had seen her happy, and accomplished, so I wanted to relish this momen

inhale the future exhale the past #tattoo #tattoos #ink

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