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go-to fonts in elegant script style ♥ #10! i think thats what i bee getting when i get my tattoo

Love the tattoo placement! Classy & Meaningful, yet easy to hide and doesn't take away from the attention of the actual person.

Shel Silverstein Tattoo Quotes

“And she loved a little boy very, very much, even more than she loved herself” For my son, Shiloh. A quote from “The Giving Tree” By, Shel Silvertein. I got this tattoo on my birthday when my son was 4 months old. My husband and I both have Shel Silvertein tattoos, so this tattoo has many special meanings to me. My son and my family is everything to me." Awwwww!

Literatura a flor de piel

Cr. Disney Quote FB #quote #disney

Matching tattoos of a special date, not necessarily for a couples tattoo. Best friends as well. @Kristina Kilmer Kilmer Kilmer Blatt

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me and my mom got mother daughter tattoos :)

My mom and I finally did our mother daughter tattoo ♥ 9-13-13

The Latin motto is seen in the Beast’s stained glass window at the start of the Beauty and the Beasts and translates into English as "she conquers who conquers herself."

25+ Best Small Tattoo Styles You Must Have On Your Body...

25+ Best Small Tattoo Styles You Must Have On Your Body...

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Another disney tattoo I'm not a fan of hand tattoos at all but If i got one, I would love this.

Planets and moon phases. Don't like the placement, but otherwise bomb.

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Unique Mother Daughter Tattoos | ... Mom, props to Tina for a unique and original quote that represents

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My friend Lexi traveled the world last semester in school, she got a tattoo in each country she visited... each tattoo has the same meaning..."life is beautiful" Such a good idea lex!

You are the smell before rain. You are the blood in my veins.