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Flowers & Fleurs

Blue Art

  • Karen Cox

    They happen very fast lol! Take lots of photos and videos, my first baby is now 5'9.5" and 150 pounds and still growing at 16!! As they say, bigger kids, bigger problems. The world is a tough thing to shield them from. I just said today lets think of a family business we can start and all work together in a resort location, to get away from the rat race. So stressful! Good luck!

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    Agreed - that all the best to you and yours. (thank you)

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    Hey. Maybe your "family business" could be a refuge for the folks in the RAT race. They could come there and decompress and recharge their batteries. They can bring their kids too and they could to workshops I'm finding a lot of kids don't have basic manners and respect.

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    At a party I watched my son go get his goody bag. To my horror he took the bag did NOT say thank you and walked away. I asked him did you say thank you (we've been teaching him that since he could talk) he said Nooooo!? I said why. He said no one else one else ever does Mom why do I have to be the only one? So to your point the world is a very different place :)

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    You could have a Wireless Wednesday :) where the guest would not have access to phones, tv, iPads, computers etc. They would have to (clutch the pearls) sit around and "talk" or interact with one another :)

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