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Karen Cox

Karen Cox

I have 2 accounts "Karen Cox" & "Karen Cox also."


winter wedding fur

Go to the persons profile. tap on the flag (next to pic and personal info) And report as spam ;) I've already done this. But we need to stand together and get the spammers out of Pinterest. So report those profiles as spam ;) And to the "boardholders" I urge you to view the "persons" profile before admitting them to your board. If the profile only has shared boards it's probably a SPAMMER !

  • Lynn Hadden

    Making a list as we speak..Will post to all my group boards.

  • Kirsten Friis

    ;) I just wanted to let others to know how to report it ;) If the spammers get removed promptly and efficient.. maybe they'll give up ;) I ♥ Pinterest and would hate if some "spamming-trolls" were to destroy this unique community ;)

... and THANK YOU to my fellow pinners for all of your beautiful pins!

Comments... ^^^ Did you know that you need to put a "@" in front of the persons name so the message will got directly to their email? Helpful Hints

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39) Cynthia Reccord~ This creative & talented footwear designer is engrossed in all things fashion & footwear. Her boards & pins are like her very own fashion portfolio showcasing the best in edgy, raw, haute fashion & footwear. They also showcase the best runway looks, & trends from previous, & upcoming fashion seasons. Cynthia is a talented artist, and a great resource of inspiration to any up and coming shoe designers. This is why she is Miss Millionairess of the Day.

  • Nancy Childers

    Congrats! You're the rock star of the shoe world! :)

  • LadyLuxury

    Thank You Cynthia for Joining, I am Honored, it a Wonderful Group of Ladies, and You and Your Fab Style and Class are Perfect! XOXOXO p.s. Wow this is Great I did not know you designed footwear. I am going to have to peek..LOL

  • Cynthia Reccord

    I am very lucky and blessed to have a dream job!! I hope to inspire budding designers out there! I am looking forward to contribute with the other talented ladies including yourself. Love your style and boards!! xxooo ;)) (hope you liked your peek)

  • Karen Cox

    Dearest Cynthia, aside from your wonderful eye and talent, I would love to add what a wonderful human being you are! Classy, kind and intelligent~!

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Miss Millionairess was acknowledge as one of the top five weekly pinners to follow on 11/01/2012. Thank you Huff Post for this Notable Mention! www.huffingtonpos...

Exactly, if you're going to repin 40 or 50 things from me, than be polite enough to follow me!

  • Karen Cox

    This is beautiful! Thanks so much and I hope you do not mind if I share it!! xoxo ;)

6) Nelson Mandela~ Born Rolihlahla Mandela, he is the first black President of South Africa, serving from 1994-1999. Additionally, he was a Civil Rights Activist, and Writer who was heavily involved in the anti-apartheid movement. In 1993, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for disassembling South Africa's apartheid system. On Mandela's birthday, July 18 his legacy is celebrated and honored with "Mandela Day". Nelson Mandela is a global ICON. This is why he is Mr Millionairess of the Day.