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The Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil [INFOGRAPHIC]

Butt Workout 8. Try this routine three times a week for the next 30 days and you will see a round butt appear! Do 15 to 25 reps on each side, repeat 3 times.

Repinned: If you don't believe us...try it for yourself!

information on fermented foods -- especially how to make them yourself! pickled cucumbers and cortido recipes.

Roll Your Way to a Fit Body: The Best Foam Roller Exercises Effective fitness equipment doesn't have to be expensive. Loosen tight muscles and get a toned body!

Workout clothes that are just as cute as, but less expensive than Lululemon... LivFit Clothing. I'll have to remember this!

Everyone wants lower abs. Here's our full list of the 14 most effective lower ab exercises EVER to tighten your belly, build a strong lower core, and carve out a deep v-cut.

Killer ab workout. Inspired by Cheer Athletics Cheetahs. Seriously. Your abs will burn like no other. Increase seconds and reps as they get easier.

Free Kindle Book – The Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Handbook

Essential Stretches For Tight Hips. Stretching your hips is such an important component to your mobility as you get older! I have also been told by yoga instructors and by my doctors that it will help my migraines to open up my hips. Women carry a lot of stress in their hips and we never realize it.

5k, 10k, and half marathon training chart