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Start here! I could barely walk a mile my first time out. Today, I'm training for my 10th half marathon. I created this program for anyone interested in running but not sure how to start. #running

Another pinner said: I drink one of these everyday!! "Green Monster Spinach Smoothies are one of my top secret diet weapons, because although they’re packed with baby spinach, which make my skin, hair, nails, and overall self feel totally great, they do not taste healthy at all. I repeat, they do not taste healthy at all"

What to eat before a workout

How to lose weight according to your body type.

Top 10 moves for killer arms with out hurting your wrists. Buh bye fatty arms ;)

She Decided to Start Living the Life She Imagined - Always reblog.

Go Splits! 8 Stretches to Get You There. Not as hard as you think.

The Glowing Green Smoothie detox for weight loss, better skin and over all better health

Fantastic Ass Workout Because it can't be fantastic without getting a lil sweaty! #buttworkout #glutes

Happy Hips Yoga Sequence. Good to know when your hips are sore from turn out work!

30 Day Plank Challenge

Negative calories because they burn more calories during digestion than they have in them. awesome.

Even on busy days you can find at least 30 minutes to workout. Before school, before work, before bed, after work, after school, on your break…etc. It’s just getting the motivation to do it. Here is one of my favorite quick work outs for busy days or lazy days.  Add To Pinterest Here