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Have the maturity to know sometimes silence is more powerful than having the last word! I know it's hard but sometimes saying nothing is better!

You only feel like extinguishing my fire because you're unable to light a match to start your own.

One of my absolute favorite quotes......helped me through the most trying times of my life when I didn't think I was strong enough to make it through. Life sure has a funny way of righting itself as long as you keep perspective. Let your inner goddess shine---you're so much stronger than you ever thought possible.

repinned from the highly inspirational @Hollie Haradon - I'm starting to think very seriously that I should hang @ Deviant. As for Zappa- I so miss my youth and the attitude we had, and am so proud of my daughter for turning a bit more to that frame of mind, though am not sure am glad for the world she is growing up in...

Oh boo-hoo. We're not "friends" on FB because your only "friends" on there are skanks who you don't even know in real life. How VERY mature!!!!!

Since it is India's Independence Day, and the Mahatma was the one who lead India there, I think this one is appropriate.

Quotes and sayings : independent : work hard : like a boss

I'm the one that has ALWAYS played by the rules and the letter of the law. Remember this, I'm not the one that is fucking up... lay off the METH you pimple-face, delusional fat ass and maybe reality will set in.

It's not about breaking the rules, it is about abandoning the concept of rules altogether. Paul Lemberg Inspirational Quotes - Project Life 365.

she decided to break the rules and find beauty

I need to put this on my fridge!

Come out from among them and be ye separate saith The Lord.