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positive/negative Combination of the decayed and the living. Ephemeral - the flaura will decay soon.

My Zentangle hummingbird. This is an example for my students' project. This can be use for several concepts: positive / negative space, reflection, line and shape, etc. I did this project with my 6th grade students.

We found a video which explains the basic concepts of Notan. She offers really good tips so that your Notan projects will turn out well:

Notan (Japanese for dark-light) is in art and design to have the postie space and negative space balance one another without either being dominate.

Zentangle + positive/negative space - have them choose the shape - finally, an interesting way to teach neg/pos space...

Wrapped Animal Portraits - using some kind of alternative texture to create the form of an animal - surreal

I love the idea of tangling the negative space. Zentangle Art

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This website has a lot of information about what contour line drawing is and how to create it. It provides an example of a contour line drawing of a familiar object (shoes). This image includes no shading, which is important to keep in mind when creating a contour line drawing. 4- M.Z. & B.K.

great illustration of how the elements are applied with principles. This is awesome!

Great printable of the basic elements of art in very simple illustrations. Even young children could understand it, yet the it could work even for high schoolers.

Art Handouts | Vocabulary/Definitions Page 2

Cross contour line drawings by Tornwing: black lines of different thicknesses flow around three-dimensional forms. The strong contrast in this drawing creates a striking graphic image.

Pattern/Texture Foldable....for Craftsmanship??

WOVEN - Coiled and woven Paper VESSEL. $35.00, via Etsy.

231 Cardboard Portraits by 12th Graders.

100+ project: Lauren Clay Title: The unending amends we’ve made (imperishable wreath), 2010, acrylic on cut paper, papier-mâché, wire, wood

surreal hand-scapes- high school