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I am a believer that observing discrepant events burns concepts into students’ memories far longer than simply reading the facts of the lesson from a text book. A few years ago I was designing a unit on surface tension. Because so many awesome hands-on activities deal with this topic, my greatest problem was picking and choosing! In this blog, I will describe one of my students’ favorites. It teaches about surface tension and capillary action.

How to fold newspaper into biodegradable planters.

Blog post from Science Stuff: "Science Skills: Comparing and Contrasting." Most science teachers would agree that students who have developed good "science skills" will be far more successful in a science class than those students who simply memorize a laundry list of science facts.

this site has lots of experiment ideas/ science... KIDS WILL LOVE THIS

Tales of a Fifth Grade Teacher: "Where Did the Water Go?" Science Lab

Photosynthesis lab...very good. 5th grade all the way up to graduate students.

Measuring the Rate of Photosynthesis with the Floating