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Demonstrate pollination with cheetos -- too smart!

E is for Explore!: Pollination

Great poster to help students learn how to write like a scientist.

Winding It Down While Ratcheting It Up

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!: Third Grade Science Notebook Freebie!

Forces and Motion Word Wall Cards with Illustrations

Forces and Motion Word Wall Cards Set with Illustrations

After learning how to calculate the mechanical advantage of screws, students pretend this giant screw is real and must measure the dimensions on the screen with a meter stick. Answers will vary based on the size of your screen. Fun calculations in the MS.

Simple Machines Lesson

science experiment with magnets: put iron-fortified cereal (like Total) in a bag with water. let it sit for 20 min, then rub a strong magnet all around. pull it up to the top and you'll see you've collected the actual iron from your cereal!

Great way to show the relative sizes of objects in the solar system.

FREE ONLINE RESOURCE~ Rock cycle site has engaging, detailed photographs and information.

acid candy test - chemical reactions - I am so doing this next year!

Fraboom Children's Museum .....This site is amazing! It is filled with science games and videos, and even has an online classroom! My favorite is 24-hour access to funny cartoons that make your brain bigger!

stunning 4 1/2 minute video from the "Planet Earth" series showing different seasons and types of weather--great for science or a language lesson on adjectives--time lapse videography is AMAZING!

How Rocks Are Formed Cool website on how rocks are formed.

magic school bus plants video

science (and social studies) centers for elementary classroom

All 100 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy...

Hands-on and exciting Solids, liquids, and gases unit! My kids loved this unit, with all the hand-on activities, they will never forget about matt...

Investigating solids, liquids, and gases using homemade ice cream!Let's make learning fun!...