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Group Baby Blankie from @Linden Down

Group Baby Blankie

accordionpie's Sipalu Sampler Mitts

Threadybear's Lucybee's sweater

Ravelry: Threadybear's Lucybee's sweater

carolinefryar's karla's dog sweater

k2cuss2's Fez Madness the Second

Steamed Bun Cat Toy by jessdr

Ravelry: Steamed Bun Cat Toy pattern by jessdr

CaraAmor's Bulky Bertram Sweater

LelKnitter's Hurricane Sandy Striped Tunic

jessievinson's Robin's Egg Autumn

Ravelry: jessievinson's Robin's Egg Autumn

ilaine's Grace's Vampire Fishy

Franklin by Rohn Strong

KnitPicks Staff Knitting Blog -

gurmanfravor's Skulls & Flowers Sweater

Ravelry: gurmanfravor's Skulls & Flowers Sweater

RivendelLN's Le Lapin Noir

Ravelry: RivendelLN's Le Lapin Noir

cauchy09's Another scarf of many colors

Ravelry: cauchy09's Another scarf of many colors

KittLttl's Laar in Silver

Ravelry: KittLttl's Laar in Silver