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Ashley McGee

Ashley McGee

These are photos of the Knitting I do with the help of my 3 1/2 year old daughter. Hope you enjoy!!

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  • Amy Rizzo

    Pretty, but hate it. Will wrap itself around other plants and kill them. You cannot get rid of it.

  • Ashley McGee

    Lovely plant, use to have some but kinds of evasive... beautiful blooms though... :-)

  • Joan Hume

    Believe it or not, I managed to make these from fun foam... they looked pretty darn good!

  • Phyllis Hill Grimes

    I have the purple ones and love them!

  • Becky Bertrand

    Thank you Dustin, I had forgotten the religious meaning. I had one until a storm took the fence it was growing on.

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Handwritten Letters challenge by artist Mary Kate McDevitt | blogged on Creature Comforts

No Bake Nutella Cheesecakes - Have to make a gluten free version soon!

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How To Peel and Cut Kiwi Fruit - Seriously my favorite! I always force people to let me peel their kiwis for them just so I can use this trick. ;-)

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transform the use of a doorway that leads to an unusable space. awesome.

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Ceramic Popsicle Sticks from Pigeon Toe Ceramics | Images from Food and Wine Magazine via Pigeon Toe Ceramics

  • MatildeC

    Wow..looks like Fior di Fragola, a delicious creamy strawberry popsicle!

Upcycled Crib Desk by a littlelearningfortwo via dumpaday #Desk #Crib #alittlelearningfortwo #dumpaday

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