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Fetish Clothing

Fetish clothing designs made for men. Spandex Lycra fashions from male form bikinis, male enhancement designs and male to female transformation.

52 Pins

Fetish Clothing

  • 52 Pins

Fetish clothing designed for male transformation. This exposed lip men's swim and fetish wear design by will give you the ultimate transformation experience. Let the spandex freaks at Koala make your dreams come true.

Wet look male shape fetish clothing style men's swimwear by Extreme designs made in the USA by the spandex bad boys.

Fetish clothing by nature is extreme and there are very few swimwear designs for men any more extreme than this micro bikini with built in hole spreader. Amazing fit and extremely erotic to wear. Made in the USA by the bad boys of spandex at Art work for a man's body.

  • Chase Brandon

    Love the koalas style and fit - tight with a big bulge! Hot to show off the package.

Spandex fetish clothing mixed with metal. The bad boys of spandex at Koalaswim in Los Angeles create all sorts of anal centric swim and fetish wear. This one sports a wonderfully sexy large anal hook as the G-string rear.

Spandex fetish clothing for men. Just a nice close up rear shot

Spandex penis shaped swimsuits can also be used as underwear. Extreme fetish clothing for men by

Spandex fetish clothing for men is hot and this penis shaped design fits your body to perfection. Designed as swimwear it can also be used for spandex play and underwear. Made in the USA by

Spandex fetish clothing is both erotic and sensual. This is a rear view of a pouch swimsuit called a c-string. No sides at all. Sorry no real models today just my big round butt.

This function fetish clothing design can be used as ultra micro swimwear. Called the Delivery Boy by it is a form fitting pouch swimsuit/underwear designs. Made in the USA

Fetish Clothing at the very extreme. Male to female transformation by The most beautiful part of the female body transferred to any man. Lovely creations made in the USA

I love fetish clothing in spandex. These are called Cock Shorts by and are made in the USA. They offer a perfect shaped pouch to show off your equipment.

Extreme male form design by Made in the USA male beauty creations from spandex.

Total fem male to female transformation by

Butt plug powered fetish clothing for men. Made in the USA by spandex slaves

Even on the most masculine bodies the male to female transformation designs to their work very effectively. Letting men get in touch with their feminine side.

Fetish clothing includes swimwear and underwear designs for men that are called male to female transformation suits. These designs completely erase any aspect of manhood. Flat and fem. Extreme swimwear by made in the USA by spandex lovers.

Men's fetish clothing with an extreme twist. This swimsuit/underwear design by features a built in metal plug and c-ring. Made in the USA by spandex slaves

Most of my pins are of models we work with but I think every once in a while I need to be brave enough to post shots of regular guys including myself! Rubberized spandex bikini by

Completely sheer men's swimwear is with no doubt fetish clothing. Guys with a spandex fetish go crazy over sheer suits. This is a hot visual statement.

Fetish clothing takes on a new flair with male form style front pouch by no models today just me wearing a men's fetish design that feels great!

Sorry no models today in my Fetish Clothing post. Just me and my big butt in an awesome Koala design. I love the way these fit.

My big round butt in a micro Brazilian fetish clothing swimsuit with male form front pouch. This is one of my personal favorites from

Not your regular micro bikini swimsuit for men. This design has fetish clothing written all over it. The metal bar you see between the legs hold the front pouch and the rear of the suit together. It is a simple trick once you understand that there is a deep penetrating metal plug the goes inside of you along with a very snug cock ring on the front. A stunning design you can wear to the beach and no one will really know how much fun you are having!

Fetish clothing is all about fun and it is a total plus when it is functional too. This spandex men's kilt is great for outdoor fun and makes a wonderful micro swimsuit cover-up.

Close up photo of the wildest sport shorts/swimsuit on the planet. Fetish clothing by the crazies at