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Mens Sexy Swimwear

Ultra close up of one of the most popular new mens sexy swimwear design. Male to female transformation swimsuit by I'm sure it does not need any further explanation! Made in the USA by spandex freaks.

I thought this photo might be too much for to show under mens sexy swimwear but it is just so beautiful. Male to female transformation suit by

Are you looking to jump up from mens sexy swimwear to men's stimulating swimwear? Look closely at this extreme male form swimsuit from Notice that the G-string rear gets slightly wider. This design is butt plug powered and what you see is the rubber base of the plug mixing perfectly with the G-string rear. No one will know how much fun you are having unless you tell your secret.

Mens sexy swimwear taken to extremes of male form pouch displays. These lovely designs show their wearers in full bloom and they ooze with male beauty.

Tiny short shorts are very hot this season. There are many designs that fall into the mens sexy swimwear styles. This design offers a hot pouch look and shows some cheek on the rear.

Mens sexy swimwear comes in all shapes and sizes. This is a ultra micro pouch only swimsuit in a wet look skin tight spandex.

Mens sexy swimwear should show off your best assets. Nothing like a cute little thong with a micro front pouch to do just that.

Mens sexy swimwear features some very nice rear ends. These deep penetrating short shorts show some real cheek. Made in the USA at

Our thong designs with built in plugs offer a new level of excitement for mens sexy swimwear. Sorry no models today just me wearing one of my favorite suits.

Another shot of me a regular guy who loves wearing spandex. Most of my posts are of models but sometimes you need to put yourself out there! Spandex suit with penis shaped front pouch be

Full rear coverage but look closely between the legs and you will see a metal bar that holds this design together. The front of it has a snug fitting cock ring and the rear goes deep inside of you to making this one of the most entertaining suits on the planet. Made in the USA by the spandex slaves at

Men's sexy swimwear just does not get hotter than this. This male enhancement Ass Spark powered swimsuit keeps your pouch full and lively and takes care of your backside with some amazing stimulation. Made in the USA by the wild men at

This men's sexy swimwear designs is over the top in more ways than one. Sure it is a unique over the shoulders design with a micro front pouch, the pouch is created with a built in three ring metal cage. The truly wild stuff go's on in the rear. The double straps end at a large metal anal hook which once it is set in place (exactly where you think it might go) acts as a functional part of the design as the support for the straps.

Mens sexy swimwear that is so extreme we cannot show a front view. Over the should sexy by Made in the USA by crazy spandex boys and girls.

How do you take mens sexy swimwear to a higher level? You incorporate the Koala Ass Spark cock ring anal plug combo into it. This design is held together using an Ass Spark making it wonderfully erotic to wear and creating a strikingly handsome bulge.

Mens sexy swimwear should show a lot of rear. This design is so extreme we cannot show the front here. I can tell you it includes lots of semi sheer spandex and wonderful sections of exposed skin. It is called the Love Fountain by

Close up of a micro male form mens sexy swimwear design by This thong is all about extreme form fitting fun.

Mens sexy swimwear can show off your package or can make it disappear. This design is one of many male to female transformation swimsuits and underwear by

Mens Sexy swimwear. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

One of the new male enhancement designs from makes the bulge the center of attention in this men's sexy swimwear design. Any man can have a big bulge with this hot suit.

Bikinis, thongs and G-strings make up some of the men's sexy swimwear that are most popular today but sexy trunks like these short shorts with a cock shaped front pouch push the limits too!

This amazing design has virtually no rear. It is held in place using an Ass Spark combo ring plug unit. Keller views from the rear are too risqué to show here!