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Mens Swimsuit

Swimsuit designs by koalaswim featuring men's bikinis, men's thongs, men's g-strings and many other exciting men's swimwear styles

Male form mens swimsuit design by Koala. Made in the USA a designed to offer you the perfect spandex fit.

Bulge style mens swimsuit fashions by Made in the USA This design features a hidden cock strap to keep the pouch enlarged all the time.

Sleek and sexy men's swimsuit designs are very popular options for men tired of baggy surf shorts. Why not be a little provocative!

Sexy short shorts for men have been the most active new mens swimsuit styles this summer. offers hot micro shorts with interesting bulge designs, skin tight fit and we always try to show off some cheek. Made in the USA

Short shorts are some of the hottest mens swimsuit styles hitting the beach this year. This one features a low cut integrated pouch design. Made in the USA

Me wearing a micro mens swimsuit. We can't all be models but we can still having a blast wearing sexy swimwear.

James is one of our all time favorite mens swimsuit models. Shown here wearing and extreme G-string style swimsuit by

Perfect flowing lines on an extremely small mens swimsuit design by Koala. Extreme designs made in the USA

Men's swimsuit fashion comes in all shapes and size including this awesome over the shoulders design. Extreme spandex swimwear made in the USA by swimwear freaks.

Just another photo of my butt in Daisy Duke style spandex swim and play shorts by This design will be out in early August. Don't worry there will be real models showing it on the site:-)

What could be sexier than a man and his puppy? Maybe a men in a super hot thong with his puppy. Mens swimsuit fashions by Made in the USA by extreme spandex freaks.

Not quite ready for an extreme bikini, thong or G-string mens swimsuit? This hot cheek enhancing swimsuit is a nice option for busy beaches and first time sexy spandex swimsuit users. Makes a great cover up for you micro swimsuit too. Made in the USA by real spandex lovers.

This Spandex men's Kilt can be used as a cover up for your tiny little mens swimsuit bikinis or thongs in fact offers a matching bikini and thong.