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Mens Swimsuit

Swimsuit designs by koalaswim featuring men's bikinis, men's thongs, men's g-strings and many other exciting men's swimwear styles

Perfect flowing lines on an extremely small mens swimsuit design by Koala. Extreme designs made in the USA

Men's swimsuit fashion comes in all shapes and size including this awesome over the shoulders design. Extreme spandex swimwear made in the USA by swimwear freaks.

Just another photo of my butt in Daisy Duke style spandex swim and play shorts by This design will be out in early August. Don't worry there will be real models showing it on the site:-)

Hot male form shape pouch design is the central feature on this mens swimsuit designs by

Mens swimsuit designed to create excitement. Should you expect anything less from your bikini? Made in the USA and proud of it!

What could be sexier than a man and his puppy? Maybe a men in a super hot thong with his puppy. Mens swimsuit fashions by Made in the USA by extreme spandex freaks.

Sorry no hot models today just me having some fun in a micro bikini.

This is an extreme mens swimsuit design that features front straps that come from the bottom of the pouch. The form fitting pouch style stays up on it's own. Made by micro swimwear lovers in the USA

Not quite ready for an extreme bikini, thong or G-string mens swimsuit? This hot cheek enhancing swimsuit is a nice option for busy beaches and first time sexy spandex swimsuit users. Makes a great cover up for you micro swimsuit too. Made in the USA by real spandex lovers.

This Spandex men's Kilt can be used as a cover up for your tiny little mens swimsuit bikinis or thongs in fact offers a matching bikini and thong.

Low cut front and rear bikini. This men's swimsuit design is created in a bold blue rubberized look and feel spandex Lycra. Made in Los Angeles by crazies that are turned on by spandex.

Super skimpy male shaped front pouch mens swimsuit by Fetish spandex, Lycra fun wear and extreme swimwear at

Bright and reflective this mens swimsuit design by is sure to get you noticed. Full cut (by Koala standards) bikini.

A Koala classic the Shock Thong is still an extreme G-string mens swimsuit. This is a perfectly named design. Made in the USA by extremely skilled spandex fetish boys and girls.

Ultra micro mens swimsuit pouch only design was created for men who want the nude tanning experience but have no nude beaches near by. That said I feel going nude on the beach should always be an option.

Look closely at this mens swimsuit design. It is part of the Ass Spark series of swimsuits by This insane designs use a metal cock ring anal plug insert to hold the suit together. Very extreme and very erotic.

Male enhancement bulge expanding mens swimsuit designs by Interesting double strap G-string rear and a very large bulge enhancement make this a wonderful choice for the beach.

Mens swimsuit designs for the beach can in many shapes and sizes. G-strings are some of the sexiest designs with little coverage and lots of cheek.

This men's swimsuit thong has a three pouch front that separates and highlights the family jewels. Made with loving care in the USA (Los Angeles to be exact) See the photos to extreme to post here at

Wet look gold hybrid bikini rear. Micro coverage on front and rear with a wonderful bulge style front pouch. This bikini rear borders on a thong and is much smaller than a Brazilian bikini rear.

I love that mens swimsuit designs are taking a turn to the sexy side. I would love to see these boys on the beach in these suits.

This men's swimsuit is both beautiful in form and fit yet still offers an extremely daring design. Wild designs made by crazy boys and girls at

This extreme male to female transformation mens swimsuit design by is also perfect as underwear when you are looking for the ultimate in a feminine look.