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Sorry no real models today just me in one of my favorite Koala men's swimwear designs. Total Brazilian look.

The world's most extreme mens swimwear designs are by Half of our designs are too extreme to show on Pinterest!

Double the pleasure with your choice of flavors. Tiny rear double G-string design with a male enhancement front bulge pouch from Made in the USA by spandex freaks!

Double the pleasure double the fun. Thong style mens swimwear are the perfect designs for you active beach lifestyle.

Mens swimwear on steroids is what some guys call butt plug powered swimsuit designs. Made in the USA by spandex freaks!

Micro thong style mens swimwear with downward facing male form bulge pouch. Made of wet look rubberized feel spandex by Made in the USA and shamelessly by spandex freaks.

This is a male form design bikini by Extreme swimwear for men who are confident enough to show some skin and detailed shapes.

Just found this older photo of one of the first ultra micro mens swimwear designs. Tis one is at least fifteen years old. Suits this small were a true rarity back in the day but are much more mainstream today.

Male to female transformation style mens swimwear for the beach or parties. Many men use them as underwear as well.

We can't all be beautiful models so every now and than I need to post a couple photos of my self wearing the spandex I love. This new micro short design by should be out in early August.

One more rear bulge shot to make a set. I love mens swimwear designs that look this good from the rear. Yummy!

This is a shot of me trying on a new design from the summer Koala collection. It will be on the market late July. You can see the metal rod between the legs. This holds the suit together with a metal butt plug (I was just about to push it in) and a c-ring. These designs are intense.

Trying to keep it real by posting some of me wearing my favorite mens swimwear designs from Let's face it we can't all be models but we can still have fun wearing sexy swimwear!

This is my favorite mens swimwear design. It is the Streamline by and it is my go to suit. It has a semi bikini rear that can also be used as a thong. The front just barely covers it all. To me it is the perfect swimsuit.

Absolute ultra micro mens swimwear design features a male form shape pouch that allows you the ultimate tan line. Made in the USA

Thong rear to male enhancement mens swimwear design by Now that is a hot rear!

Bulge enhancement style mens swimwear design by This creation has a built in c-ring that keeps the pouch nice and full no matter what size you are. Extreme swimwear made in the USA

Mens swimwear and twins wearing hot thong suits. A perfect mix. This design includes a male enhancement bulge style pouch.

Spandex and nice butts are such a wonderful mix. Extreme mens swimwear designs from

New summer beach short shorts by Great as swimwear or as your bikini cover-up.

Some of the hottest mens swimwear styles coming out for summer are the micro shorts also known as short shorts. Showing just a little check and most with bulge pouch style fronts make these a great choice for your next pool party!

Mens swimwear thongs look great from all angles. Spandex micro swimwear designs offer a great fit and needless to say draw lots of attention.

This is the bulge style from that goes along with my last mens swimwear post.