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Speedos for Men

For the love of Spandex

Speedos for men offer a tight spandex fit but when you need something special and much more intense this G-string style sexy micro swimsuit features a built in butt plug to make your day at the beach eventful! Made in the USA by spandex freaks!

Jazz up your Speedos for men by going smaller and more extreme. This narrow cut sheer micro bikini by would make quite a statement at your next swim meet.

The motivation you get from wearing a G-string like this can never be duplicated with Speedos for men. The back of this design is so extreme we can't show it here but I can tell you it is a large metal anal hook. Insane swimwear made by spandex lovers in Los Angeles.

Speedos for men are awesome in the pool but when it is time to get that ultimate tan this pouch only swimsuit design by is the way to go.

Speedos for men would never be the same if pouches had this style and shape. Beautiful designs for men made in the USA by the spandex boys and girls at

You are just never going to get a rear view like this wearing Speedos for men. Speedos tend to flatten out the bulge while this design celebrates it!

Personally I prefer G-string and thong style rear designs to those of Speedos for men. I like getting a sexy tan on my butt and I enjoy the way the designs fit and feel.

Speedos for men flatten out the wearers bulge but this style beach swimsuit or sexy racers suit shows much more detail.

Deciding to go with ultra micro swimwear means being well groomed. Think of your girlfriends Brazilian bikini wax well groomed and you have the right picture. You might be able to get away with some hair if you are wearing Speedos for men but you need to clean it all up when wearing the newest bikinis, thongs, G-strings and even pouch only micro swimsuits.

Speedos for men flatten you out up front some of the newest men's swimwear styles in bikinis, thongs and G-strings use what you have with some special magic to produce huge bulges. Not all are this large but hey if you want to impress and have a big beach bulge using your own equipment this designs has no equal.

Speedos for men are a great starting point when trying sexy swimwear. This thong swimsuit for men is much more extreme. It includes a bulge enhancing pouch with built in cock ring to make the bulge look large and exciting at all times.

Sometimes you need a sexy cover-up while wearing Speedos for men. These are called the Deep Penetrating Shorts by They are the perfect over-up and can do double duty as boy short style swim trunks. Non-lined and very hot these made in the USA shorts will show off your hot body.

After wearing Speedos for men for a while and getting used to skimpy swimwear Speedos start to feel like a lot of fabric. Your next stop a micro bikini by form fitting designs that will make you look great and feel sexy.

Speedos for men are hot. Speedo swimwear fits great and they are wonderful for doing laps that said if you are looking for serious style you will need to go smaller. A bikini, Brazilian cut suit, micro swimsuit, thong or maybe even a G-string. Daring is in and daring is stylish. www.koalaswimsuit...

Speedos for men are form fitting and for the most part skin tight. That's all great but for truly hot and sexy swimwear you need to go micro. is all about micro bikinis, thongs and G-strings for men.

Ready for a larger bulge than what you get wearing Speedos for men? Try a male enhancement bikini, thong or G-string from No matter the size of your equipment we will take it and make it into a nice large beach bulge!

This is one of the ultimate swimwear designs for men with it's male form shape and a metal rear plug to keep you looking and feeling excited.

Speedos for men are hot but there are many levels of hot when it comes to men's swimwear and Speedos for men are at the surface. Dive deeper into men's swimwear designs and you will find beautiful artistic swimwear like this multi pouch design that divides you up and makes a stunning swimsuit. Wild beauty from the guys at

There are men's swimwear designs created to feminize. Many are used by transsexuals but many are purchased by wives for husbands and by men who want to get in touch with their feminine side. A very interesting experience. See these designs at