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Speedos are all about fun but when you are ready to take your fun to an erotic level make sure to check out the male form bulge style swimsuits at

This is about the smallest pouch design you will ever see on a bikini, thong or G-string. Everything is covered but almost everything is exposed. Would love to see the guys at my gym wearing these instead of Speedos!

Hot shorts make great cover ups for Speedos. This design is called Asset Shorts. Sexy shorts for sports, the beach are your next pool party.

If Speedos are the conservative style men's bikinis than this extreme bikini for the beach most be on the other end of the scale. Comfy and needless to say a real shocker by the pool. From the crazy boys and girls of

While Speedos tend to flatten out the wearer this style men' swimsuit keeps the bulge looking large. This particular design uses a combination cock ring anal plug to not only hold the suit together but keep the wearer stimulated in the rear and a large bulge up front. From the minds of

In my opinion Speedos should never cover more than what this bikini by covers. How many more people would watch swim meets if the guy had on thongs and tiny bikinis. I would be glued to my TV!

This is about as small a pouch men can use in public and still be fully covered as long as you are completely shaved. This style pouch comes in a string bikini, thong rear and G-string rear. Way less coverage then Speedos but still wonderful for the beach.

These twins would look great in Speedos but even better in these cute little micro G-string beach suits.

Sometimes only a slinky G-string will work. I wear my Speedos as cover ups when I get up the nerve to wear my sexiest G-strings to the beach. Extreme swimwear designs made in the USA by crazy boys and girls.

Speedos, bikinis, thongs and even G-strings can get much more extreme and exciting when you add a built in male enhancement feature. The adjustable strap keeps your pouch looking large and full all the time!

Speedos make great beach cover-ups for when you wear something extremely hot like this micro G-string. Wearing Speedos is daring on it's own but walking down to the beach and stripping off your Speedo to show off your tiny G-string is just shocking. Shocking in a fun way!

I love Speedos they were my first sexy swimsuits that I would wear out in public. The thing is once you go sexy there is no turning back. You just keep getting more and more extreme. Ultra micro swimwear designs by

Speedos are great in the water but there is nothing like a hot thong for a great beach view.

In my opinion Speedos are the gateway suit to more exciting and more extreme men's swimwear designs. This gold bulge style pouch design by will get you noticed. Amazing bikinis, thongs and G-strings all made in the USA

Bikinis, thongs Speedos and swimsuits for men that just don't cover too much skin are all very sexy. Find the perfect suit for your body at

Speedos are superb for flattening out the men's pouch area but if you are ready for something extremely feminine in the front pouch cut take a look at the male to female transformation swimsuits and underwear at Just getting in touch with your inner feminine is a life changing experience.

Speedos are the perfect design for men who want their bulges to look very small. There are many of us who like showing off a tiny bulge and Speedos are so restricting they do a fine job of it. Sometimes we are more daring and we want to show off a more detailed but still extremely small bulge. This is where comes in.

Speedos are hot but when looking extremely sexy is what you have in mind than take a look at the insanely micro men's swimsuit designs at

Micro shorts by with pouch cut front can be used as a swimsuit or as a Speedos cover-up. Extremely form fitting rear.

Daisy Duke style short shorts for men in all way stretch rubberized spandex. Great as a swimsuit or a cover up for you Speedos.

When Speedos are just to tame we have the answer. This low cut, bulge pouch with an amazing surprise in the rear. You will never be this excited wearing Speedos! look for Locked and Loaded to see how the suit is kept on.

Men's Speedos are huge compared to micro swimsuit for men. This is one of the most extreme styles and is a complete male to female transformation design by very extreme and erotic design.

When only the smallest least coverage swimsuit will do has you covered. Yes this is a fraction of the size of most Speedos but still in the same family of swimwear that feels great to wear and forms to your body like a glove. Yes you need to be completely shaved to wear a suit like this.

This is a micro thong swimsuit design that features a man shaped front pouch. Completely form fitting and very exciting to wear this little micro suit makes a Speedo swimsuit look huge!!!

Men's Speedos flatten you out. Speedos are not designed to show much of a bulge they are designed for speed and the smaller the male bulge the faster you swim. Some men are looking for even less bulge than they have in Speedos. These suits are known as male to female transformation swimwear and underwear, Here is a photo of a well endowed man wearing a transformation suit. Completely feminine.