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Speedos can be a little bit feminine but this design by is about as feminine as a man can get. Real lip look bikini made in the USA by the bad boys of spandex.

I would love to see all Speedos showing this much cheek. This is considered a conservative design at

Have you ever seen Speedos this small? Look close and you will see this very small swimsuit has a metal connecting bar with plug and ring to hold the swimsuit together.

Not quite men's Speedos this extreme micro bikini design features a metal bar that connects the front to the rear in a very erotic way. Thought I would post one of me wearing it because today is no models day!

How hot would Speedos be with this type of rear cut?

Speedos do show the rear of a man very nicely but the fact remains thongs are the perfect swimsuit to show some real skin.

Sexy Speedos and sexy bikinis are wonderful for the beach and for pool parties. I think men wearing pink swimwear shows confidence!

Sorry but as much as I love Speedos they can never look as hot as a Brazilian style men's bikini. This design in rubberized wet look spandex is by

Speedos to big for you? Try a micro pouch only men's swimsuit by Sexy hot designs for real men by the extreme spandex boys at Koala

Again if Speedos only looked like this from the rear! extreme designs made in Los Angeles and shipped around the world.

Speedos are lovely but a sexy micro bikini beats them all for an all out exotic look. This micro bikini covers less than 50% of the models rear. Perfect. Extreme designs by the wild boys in Los Angeles

Great looking extreme bikini every bit as fast as Speedos.

This is as close to Speedos as gets. This full back (full back by Koala standards) racing style swimsuits is perfect for the lake, beach or pool. A wear anywhere style that still keeps it sexy.

If Speedos were offered in thong style could they be this hot? Extreme swimwear for made in Los Angeles by loving hands.

If Speedos looked and fit like these hot thong swimsuits men's swimming would be a much more exciting sport. I know I would try to be at as many events as possible.

Instread of posting shots of me wearing Speedos I thought I would add a couple micro short pouch style swimsuits. No models today just me!

This design is a Koala classic called the Egg Sack because of it's unique micro pouch shape. So small your Speedos will make great cover ups on your way down to the hotel pool.

Speedos are designed to go fast including their Jammer style shorts. This hot micro men's swimsuit is designed with a male form pouch works as a wave piercing suit to make you go super fast and to make you look unbelievably hot! Cock Shorts