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Swimwear for Men

Swimwear for men get's very exciting when you add a male form pouch to the design. This style offers a micro male pouch which allows men of any size to fill it and look hot!

Ultra micro male form swimwear for men offers some of the most form fitting and exciting styles. Made in the USA by the spandex lovers at

Micro male form designs open up a whole level of fun and excitement with swimwear for men. Wild designs that you will not find anywhere else. made in the USA by the spandex fetish kings at

This suit is called the Heavy Metal Micro. Bright and skin tight this design fits like a second skin.

The perfect micro bikini design makes a wonderful addition to your summer beach gear. Swimwear for men is changing and styles are getting smaller and sexier.

Short short's will be one of the hottest trends for this summers swimwear for men fashions. See all our amazing form fitting and bulge exposing designs at

Swimwear for men trunks and short shorts are very popular choices. These extreme shorts made of rubberized spandex in a matt finish are an outstanding choice. Quite the daring style.

Bikinis have never been this crazy! Exact male form designs front pouch with a Brazilian style bikini rear makes this swimwear for men designs a real eye opener. Let us find your dream swimsuit at

Swimwear for men comes in all shapes and sizes and the new trends for men are micro swimsuits. Great tans and sexy looking swimwear. A perfect match!

Extreme swimwear for men is our passion. Ultra sexy ultra micro designs made in the USA at

Swimwear for men should be sexy to wear and exciting to play in. This sculptured pouch designs shows off the man in you. Ultra narrow sides with a thong rear.

We believe in showing the true beauty of the male form. Why hide such a wonderful design of nature. Extreme swimwear for men at

It is amazing that some of the best selling suits in our line of swimwear for men are the male to female transformation suits. Very feminine design for men who are eager to get in touch with that side of themselves.

Micro pouch sexy swimwear for men that gets big time attention at the beach. Going on that European vacation or to the islands. get the perfect sexy swimsuit for you body.

This ultra micro bikini design leaves the area between the legs clear and ready for tanning. Great fitting pouch makes this extreme swimwear for men designs ready for a great time at the beach. We love spandex too!

When a Brazilian cut bikini is the perfect design for you vacation has the right suit for your body.

Sexy reverse V-shape pouch covers every thing but is still a very daring design.

You thought Speedos made your bulge look small but your Speedo bulge is huge compared to this extreme male to female transformation men's swimwear designs by we create the ultimate fem look for men.

Swimwear for men will never be the same since the addition of bulge enlarging male enhancement swimwear from Hitting your favorite Vegas pool party? maybe an amazing huge bulge G-string is the suit for you. It does not matter how large you are this suit will take what you have and make it look huge!

This is an extreme micro male to female transformation design by We offer a complete line of swimwear for men. Extremes are what we are all about from male enlargement swimsuits to complete feminine conversion designs.