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NEW! Speech/Language Preschool Probes & Data Collection

Speech/Language Preschool Probes & Data Collection

So true !

Books for auditory bombardment-speech therapy Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

Books for Auditory Bombardment

Receptive and Expressive Language Bundle-contains 10 language products at a discounted rate of almost 25%.

Receptive and Expressive Language Bundle

This is a 27 page collection of greeting songs with activities for the first week of school, for preschool and pre-K. Includes songs, poems, chants about welcoming, names, friends, things we use at school etc. All in black/white for easy printing.

***FREE*** This is a "first week of school" activity for early learners - preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten - name and self-portrait. The activity poster is offered in color and black/white.

School Bus Poster Activity

Free Articulation Worksheets to download. We have collated our clear photo images for working with young preschoolers. Download for free today!

Free Articulation Worksheets

A Case For Caring About Categorization (Your other CCC's) - “Categorization is a pivotal skill. Once a child knows how to do this, he is catapulted to the next level of language ability. He can now describe, compare and contrast. From a functional standpoint, being able to put objects into categories is a big deal.”

How to "Turn Your Voice on" - Teaching the Difference between Voiced & Unvoiced Phonemes

ARK Therapeutic Services, Inc.: Blog

Frozen activities & crafts inspired by the movie- so many fun ideas sure to delight fans of Disney's Frozen!

Frozen Activities & Crafts ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Itinerant SLPs: Dollar store shower caddies are great to have around for eating in the car.

33 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier

Speech Therapy for Toddlers Cheat Sheet - Summary reference list of effective language stimulation and modeling techniques Perfect handout for parents of late talkers or language delayed childrenPrinted on a single page to easily display on a bulletin board or fridge

Speech Therapy for Toddlers Cheat Sheet

My Favorite Online Resources (by diagnosis) Part I

My Favorite Online Resources (by diagnosis) Part I

Ff for five little speckled frogs(Used a pringle can and velcro)

"How Long is This Hall!?": 5 Green and Speckled Frogs

Speech therapy ideas- Grass (bottle dryer rack)... Kids loved hiding bugs in the grass, sticking articulation cards in the grass and mowing the grass with the tractor. www.childrensther...

Hello! This is a brand new posting and we have put it at 50% off for the next 24 hours. Enjoy the savings! We have put together 140 pages of fun Father's Day themed activities for you to do with your students this Father's Day! And 60 of those pages are in ink-saving black and white! They will be great for you to have in therapy or in the classroom as a quick print option for immediate work on literacy, language, speech and articulation!

Pets 1 - Pre-K Theme for a Day includes all the activities and printables (to make hands-on centers and games) that you need for a full day of teaching - and more. Very low $

PETS 1 - All Kinds of Pets - Pre-K Theme for a Day

FREE Categories Card Game: Name Things That ...

FREE Categories Card Game: Name Things That ...

Free! Speech and language homework sheets that are perfect for summer school! Pages are black and white, so no prep is required! Check back for new pro...

*FREE* Speech Therapy Homework Sheets

repetition + visualization strategy for increasing independence in following directions. i would not pay for these worksheets, but i like the idea of having a velcro strip and having the kids sequencing the items in different order. good for auditory processing practice.