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These wire baskets are meant to hold manila folders. But screw them to your closet door (or a wall) and they become cute catchalls for all those awkward accessories like scarves, tights and clutches.

Pull out stairs book shelf. {{Brilliant!}}

Recycle a Mio bottle for salad dressing, soy sauce, and more. Peel off the label, pop off the top, wash, and fill. Great size to pop into your lunch box and it doesn't leak. -- BRILLIANT!

Genius! Bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. Instant stamps for kiddos.

Take a hot glue gun and print your design on a bottle, and then spray paint.

Kidz Placemat by Modern Twist | {{KT has two of these. Silicon placemat with markers. Cleans so easy. She loves it.}}

Macbook keyboard cover

Countertop storage for bread, onions, garlics, potatoes. << smart idea!

Seems like a ton of work, but quite an impact.

Paint Chip Invites {{housewarming party}}

write down all the cute/funny things your children say and save them in a jar (you could label the jars by the years). awesome. what a gift when they're older!

Colored pencils as wall art! {@Calli Micaletti - made me think of you for all your sketches!}

  • Calli Micaletti

    That is so cool, indeed a work of art with another waiting to happen :-)

Brilliant! Game Jars: Store puzzles, dominos and game pieces in decorative jars instead of ratty cardboard boxes - functional & interesting at the same time.

Befor + After | Design*Sponge | Dining Room turned Library {{Great use of space}}

cute idea once i'm done making the family :)