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Ethiopian Orthodox Church cross priest cross African by abizema, $40.00

Rosenthal StudioLineFlash Vase by Spacepop on Etsy, $180.00

FRENCH 80s pair of JELLIES shoes // french by louloufrenchvintage, $32.00

VTG 80s MAUD FRIZON incredible multi blue zig zag by ANIMALVINTAGE, $128.00

Vintage 80s Totem Pole Sweatshirt Size Large Native by Kokorokoko, $34.00

Vintage 90s Tommy Hilfiger Rugby Shirt Size XL by Kokorokoko, $38.00

Vintage 90s Paco Afrocentric Denim Shorts by Kokorokoko on Etsy, $44.00

Vintage 90s Tommy Hilfiger Crewneck Sweatshirt Size by Kokorokoko, $44.00

Vintage 90s Cross Colours Button Up Rayon shirt by Kokorokoko, $88.00

Carrera 5530 Blue/Orange

Carrera 5530 Blue/Orange

Claudia Carlotti Zesty CS 802

Claudia Carlotti Zesty CS 802

Large retro mod 1980s black ceramic gentleman by RadPadVintage, $32.00

Vintage 80s Silky Romper with Perfume Bottle Print by Kokorokoko, $38.00

Vintage 90s Black Zip Maxi Tank Dress by Kokorokoko on Etsy, $44.00

Vintage 80s Abstract Pattern High Waist Cropped by Kokorokoko, $34.00

Vintage 90s Yellow Racer Back Shift Dress Body con by Kokorokoko, $44.00

Vintage 80s Mondrian inspired silky dress Size L by Kokorokoko, $38.00

Vintage 70s boatneck Sailing themed dress by Kokorokoko on Etsy, $42.00