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Create a healthy snack drawer for the fridge. Toss in pre-packed snacks to go for the whole week - such a great idea!

Loving this crazy life!: 10 Easy Afternoon Crafts for the Munchkins!

Boo Bubbles...Fun Science Project for Kids!!

Wake-up to balloons on your birthday--my kids LOVE getting balloons. I get the helium ones(5-6 of them) from the Dollar Tree the night before their birthdays and tie them to his/her chair so they see them when they come downstairs for breakfast. Their faces always light up to know it is just for them.:)

100 Things To Do With Kids This Summer. I'm going to need to spend some time going through this.

o.O.... Parenting doing right

If you write a letter to your childs favorite Disney character they will write back and send an autographed picture. This is the address.

Paint the inside of a lunchbox with chalkboard paint so you can write messages to your kid. How sweet!

Mother-Son bucket list. This is a must-do list of things to do with your son while he is growing up....or even after. Excellent!

Mother-Daughter Bucket List items... things to start doing immediately (proud to say we've already done a few!)

DIY Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Un-meltable popsicles: use Jell-o! Great for teething. I don't need this anymore, but it was too great of an idea to not share! Duh, why didn't I think of that????

AWESOME and SIMPLE discipline system for young kids! Country Charm: Our Discipline System