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Oh so true about those that claim to be a friend and when the time comes they are not there especially when you need them the most! Should always check in with those you love and make sure they are ok!

I like this

Laughter, Inspiration and Love - Take what you need | DAMY Health

Couples coming out of a stormy past & still together has taken their relationship to the next level.. Stronger & better, both in it forever!

You are Beautiful, just the way you are but nothing wrong with getting a healthier version :)

Roses are red, so is my wine. Refill my glass and I'll be just fine. Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

blue hour diy: DIY Home and Bedroom Decor Inspiration

The 5 Dr. Seuss quotes to live by, think about it. Children's books have great wisdom. We teach it to our kids, how is it we don't learn it?

I really believe that you are the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Seriously. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you! It seems so effortless and meant to be with you. I don't know how to accurately put into words how I feel.

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