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My Whole30

Getting ready to start a Whole30? Here's a great collection of testimonials, menu plan ideas, recipes and more.

#Paleo and #Whole30 - friendly ketchup. Making this tomorrow for my 8 yo who is really missing ketchup on our whole30!

10 Popular Sweeteners That May Be Killing You - Natural Thrifty. I can't have any of these on my #Whole30, but this is great information for eight days from now, when I CAN eat sweeteners again.

This is by far THE best Taco Seasoning ever! You probably already have the ingredients... and the best part is that you actually know & can pronounce every single ingredient in it (unlike the seasoning packets in the store.)

Whole30 Crash and Burn | There are so many reasons I love this blogger, but this post is a BIG one of them!

Lime and Coconut Chicken. Switch out soy sauce for coconut aminos for Whole 30 Compliant.

Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing - leave out the honey to make it whole 30 :)

Sunshine Sauce. This is so amazing. Just made it now and it's fab. I'd totally eat this when I wasn't on the #Whole30!

How to Make Homemade Garlic Mayo with a Hand Blender // (I failed miserably at my first attempt with a blender, so I'll try this hand immersion blender next.)

{Whole30} Crock Pot Cilantro Chicken w/Cauliflower Rice | Honey Ghee and Me