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Primitive Signs

Thank You Primitive Sign Board made in the USA!

Mother Comes Out Primitive Sign is handmade in the USA!

  • Dawn C

    So scary! And it's so true, I never thought it would happen

  • KP Creek Gifts

    It is scary, I am finding myself doing the same thing!

Live Laugh Love Engraved Sign

Fall Welcome Mini Sign will look good hanging from a wreath or basket in your home.

Do Small Things with Great Love Sign - Mother Teresa

Smiles Are Proof of Everyday Miracles Vintage Print Sign

Life Is Good Messenger Block $4.50 Kruenpeeper Creek Country Gifts

Old Stuff, Antiques & Old Junk Primitive Sign Kruenpeeper Creek Gifts

Kitchen Gatherings Sign says it all about the heart of the home! Only $17.99 at Kruenpeeper Creek Gifts