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Therapeutic Activities

Navigating our social world can be confusing. Kids will benefit through play and activities that help them build their emotional acuity and social skills.

My Many Colored Feelings ⋆ Mosswood Connections

A divorce contract for parents. This is hurt enough during a divorce without parents dumping their baggage on them and using them as pawns. wish my parents had lived by these rules......

Necessary Play: A Divorce Contract Your Child Wants You to Sign

all quotes coloring pages (great quotes doodle page, great to use in the classroom for some motivational decoration or even at work when you need a little encouragement during the day.)

All Quotes Coloring Pages

St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training: Feeling Faces Puzzles

St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training: Feeling Faces Puzzles

My Piggyback Idea: Getting-to-Know-You Activity... Write one question on each color of the beach ball (use a bigger beach ball). Children answer the question that their right hand lands on. If they land on the question again, the group has to remember what his/her answer was to that question... encourages active listening. You could play this in small groups of 4-8 or as a whole class during the first week of school.

School Counselor Blog

put yourself in their shoes game - family home evening kit

How To Make A Family Home Evening Kit | Live Craft Eat

Activity to Toss Away Anxieties or other Strong Emotions Can be used with older kids too if done with a bit of humor...

St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training

House / Tree / Water / Sun / Moon / & Animal Drawing. his activity is similar to House/Tree/Person but goes to a deeper level of self awareness due to adding the sun, water, and animal. This is a fantastic way to use art in play therapy.

Play Therapy House / Tree / Water / Sun / Moon / Animal Drawing

This conversation Jenga game is another great way of adapting an existing game into something more specific for your classroom. Write a question that students must answer every time they pull a piece. You could even have your students write their own questions as well.

One Less Headache: My Favorite Pinterest Finds!

Therapeutic Activities for Children and Teens Coping with Health Issues - Robyn Hart, Judy Rollins - Google Books