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Therapeutic Activities

St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training: Feeling Faces Puzzles

St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training: Feeling Faces Puzzles

My Piggyback Idea: Getting-to-Know-You Activity... Write one question on each color of the beach ball (use a bigger beach ball). Children answer the question that their right hand lands on. If they land on the question again, the group has to remember what his/her answer was to that question... encourages active listening. You could play this in small groups of 4-8 or as a whole class during the first week of school.

School Counselor Blog

put yourself in their shoes game - family home evening kit

How To Make A Family Home Evening Kit | Live Craft Eat

Make your own funny face and talk with your kids about different emotions as you change his face over and over again.

Make a Face! - Mr Printables

Learn How To Make A "Feelings Bottle" Put "Your Feelings" In A Bottle Feeling Bottle (Identify Feelings)

Learn How To Make A

FAVORITE PSYCHOTHERAPY TECHNIQUE: Muffin Tin Feelings Toss by Pam Dyson: I like this technique because it’s engaging and active and it’s a great way to help children talk about various emotional states. Watch the technique come alive on Pam Dyson’s YouTube channel:

Activity to Toss Away Anxieties or other Strong Emotions Can be used with older kids too if done with a bit of humor...

St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training

House / Tree / Water / Sun / Moon / & Animal Drawing. his activity is similar to House/Tree/Person but goes to a deeper level of self awareness due to adding the sun, water, and animal. This is a fantastic way to use art in play therapy.

Play Therapy House / Tree / Water / Sun / Moon / Animal Drawing

Turn The Page For Play Therapy Activities

Child Therapy Toys - Turn The Page For Play Therapy Activities

Teach Kids to Think About Their Thinking — Metacognition - Re-pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Teach Kids to Think About Their Thinking -- Metacognition

This conversation Jenga game is another great way of adapting an existing game into something more specific for your classroom. Write a question that students must answer every time they pull a piece. You could even have your students write their own questions as well.

One Less Headache: My Favorite Pinterest Finds!

Therapeutic Activities for Children and Teens Coping with Health Issues - Robyn Hart, Judy Rollins - Google Books

Setting personal boundaries worksheet from rectherapyideas.b...

Recreation Therapy Ideas: acute psych

self portrait with magazine cutting words and mixed media

Collaging a Self Portrait with Magazine Cuttings and Mixed Media

Adventures Within Relaxation and Guided Imagery CD

Adventures Within Relaxation CD - Kim's Counseling Corner

Batman Following directions game. Free download. for a student who's special interest is superhero's or batman

Speech Room News: Super Hero Speech

Art Therapy for Children of Divorce | Art Therapy | Video | Veria Living

trace hands and feet and then fill in a self-portrait

Oodles of Art: Falling back in Space Portraits! 3rd Grade

50 Activities and Games Dealing With Anger