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mrs-kennedy-and-me: The senator and Mrs. Kennedy

thosekennedys: The 3rd Generation Spam

mrs-kennedy-and-me: In her first job making $42.50 a week as an...

everything-kennedy: Jacqueline Kennedy walks at an airport, wearing a scarf covering her head, after a visit to the Kennedy estate, Palm Beach, Florida, May 15, 1961.

royaltyfashions: The Queen meeting Jackie Kennedy Onassis

lacibluevintage22: In this photo you can see how different she is without jack, you can see how hollow she looks. Just not the same jackie :’( makes me so sad…..

sillyjedi: “Oh, Jack, there’s only one thing I could not bear now—if I ever lost you.” ~ Jackie Kennedy to JFK after the death of their child, Patrick

sillyjedi: Jacqueline Kennedy and her son John in Palm Beach on Easter Sunday, 1963

Jackieblog - american-nostalgia: Family time in the Kennedy...