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Although youre gone, i will always count these moments as my favorites. Although you were far away, i still loved you with every mile that kept us apart. You were, and still are, my love, my life, my all. Youve moved on. But no, not me. Id do anything to see that sweet smile again. Stay you. Stay beautiful.

seriously... ice cream = happy

without me, there'd be a me-shaped hole in the Universe and it would miss out on the me-experience, so even though I'm small in that great, big world, I'm also part of that greatness.

I have been put on earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind I will never die. ~ Calvin & Hobbes

Some great advice

Edgar Allen Poe's mind has often been an inspiration for me. I'm glad to say my mind took no coaxing to parallel this amazing, wonderful, outstanding human being and for that I'm grateful and fortunate.

Getting a Book, Reading the Book, Finishing the Book. Repeat! #fangirlfeels

"Awesome women have curves and tattoos."

Beautifully said, Robin Williams.

Baby you are my euphoria!! I am never letting you go and I will do everything I can to make you want to stay.. I love you so much. When you find someone who can make you laugh. Smile. Grow. Lust. Want. Crave. Feel. Make you mad but happy. Keep that. That's euphoria.

In the end...this is what evil deserves. Alone with the thoughts of their past eating away their lonely future of nothingness. -NE

Sometimes you just have to turn around, give a little smile, throw the match, and burn that bridge.