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dress, apparently its easy to sew: It's just 4 rectangles. Measure shoulder to hem length, then girth at widest part (hips?) and divide by 4. Add seam allowance. Sew allowing for neckline, arm holes. No pattern needed. 1/2 hour, max!

Pedicure In a jar, ideas for gift packs

My mom use to sing this to Jacob when he was a baby. I'd never heard the song before.

DIY-Shaving-Lotion It works!!

Sew doilies together to make a table runner.

Create words with brass push pins in a foam board and frame. Quick, original, affordable art.

Graduation tassel ornament. What a cool idea.

Sand (or sugar), faux pearls & a candle. This is insanely easy and looks so elegant.

Freeze flowers or greens in Bundt pan or bucket with insert. Put flameless candle in center.

great pic tutorial for where to put your first and last crochet stitch for straight edges by Kim Werker at Crochet Me

Grow your own green onions: Next time you buy green onions, save the bulb and toss it in a jar of'll have a whole new bunch in 12 days!

Just add melted margarine to regular egg dye to marbleize eggs.

Coasters from the places you have traveled. (Buy tiles, rip map pieces, mod podge, glue cork on back. )