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It's ok, I'm a Middle School Teacher. All of these YA novels are 'research'.

"In the Hand of the Goddess" Book Two of the "Song of the Lioness" tetralogy. By Tamora Pierce. 1988 Red Fox cover.

Their relationship is tumultuous, but they end up working together in order to travel to a foreign land. | Proof That “Tangled” And “Once Upon A Time” Have Identical Romances

If not for Natasha by Milady666

Bwahaha. True

  • Aliyah

    Ha! Finish? Im still on Merlin season 3 because tumblr ruined the ending for me and i will NOT watch that. Nope. Not gonna happen. Same thing with Lost and Chuck. Ughhh the trials of being a fangirl.

  • Suzette Crêpe

    Yeah I won't even go near a new fandom unless I've watched everything the Sherlock fandom almost ruined everything for me and I'm on season three too I just started it

  • Aliyah

    Isn't it beautiful? Merlin is the sassiest sass-queen to ever sass. The relationship between Merlin and Arthur is a thing of beauty. Also I LOVE Sherlock. ughh just all the fandoms. lovely. I haven't gotten into Doctor Who much yet but it on Netflix so i'll see how that one goes.

  • Tori Stacken

    The Supernatural finale was the death of me. I literally spent an hour just going, "Nope."

  • Jocelyne Fajardo

    You're forgetting Doctor Who-I was barely in the first episode and I already knew he got married to a woman of doom with curls

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[gif set] River and the Doctor

I love Disney!! I think these are cute... (even if inaccurate to the true stories) and (even though Thumbilina wasn't Disney and Belle should be there) Some of the arguing comments are hilarious btw