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Perfect for rainy days too. This might be the coolest swing ever

The Perfect Swingset for Makeout Point

Keeping Chickens Healthy: What You Need to Know Backyard chicken-keeping tips will keep your birds thriving.

How to Build a Chicken Feeder -- Learn to build a chicken feeder, and feed your flock without encouraging mold or supporting the local mouse a...

Adobe rabbit & quail coop!!!! I REALLY LIKE THIS IDEA because it would keep them warmer in the cold winter conditions and cooler in the summer.

I love You Jar Perfect for anniversary gift! Fill up a jar with all different memories, things you love about him and your relationship, etc. Tell him to keep this at work and pick out one each day, or two if he is really having a bad day. The idea is to make him smile and turn his day around.

(53) Fancy - Car French Fry Holder on

  • Marilyn Webb

    This is just plain SAD! Especially when you eat then after that ac blows on them and makes them into a cold, hard, greasy alone that will congeal on the roof ofc your mouth :-\