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Things I Hate (Funny Rants)

felted ANYTHING looks like recycled dryer lint. i'm not paying you for some piece of itchy garbage to wear on my head. pieces of felt are like 25 cents each.. so where between purchasing felt and spending hours making it into some other useless crap does it become worth $47.00?

  • Kristen S

    i'm ASSUMING what's in this picture is a hat.. but honestly i don't even know.

what the hell are these? looks like a denim diaper to me.. if it's THAT hot outside that you need your ass cheeks to hang out the back of your shorts, you shouldn't be wearing that sweater either.

this is the ugliest trend i've ever seen.. almost as bad as the whores in middle school that used to tie their hair around water bottles on top of their heads for "wacky day." it's not even in the center! wow, you can twist up hair in a big ugly knot. GOOD JOB!

ANNE HATHAWAY: one ugly sumbitch.. i just can't stand her pasty skin or the disposition that makes her think she belongs up with the big stars like meryl streep!

Rachel Ray... "THIS SPOON IS GROOVY. HUH, HUH!" foods do not have people-like qualities. stop calling them "dudes" and "buddies", they taste like shit and are probably the reason you sound like you smoke 20 packs of cigarettes a day!!

avocados taste like baby broccoli diarrhea. i don't understand why everyone thinks they're so delicious.. it's like mushy regurgitated plant clay.

Look at this douche-nozzle! All I can imagine is him taking a big sloppy bite of some nasty looking food with sauce all over and in his mouth, going "MMMMM. OH WOW!!"

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