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Great camping idea! Make the trip to the showers a little easier, toiletries on a lanyard. Easy to carry, easy to hang. We Fest?

Gift of the Day: Sleep comfortably while sitting up with the Travel Halo! Enter to win it now! #GiftOfTravel

Makes your hair looks like you were at the beach for a week, smells like coconuts, and leaves your hair super soft. $5.99 at Ulta.

Use Sharpie to write on the washer, bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Simple.

DIY Mason jar to-go cup: Poke hole in lid and widen to fit straw, glue #14 washer over hole.

Clear toaster allows you to see when it is toasted perfectly. aah!

waterproof iPhone case allows you to take pics & video underwater!

backseat inflatable bed.

New iPad - Ok I admit it, I love it.