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Joe E. Parker Pepper

Joe E. Parker Pepper

Capers have a sharp piquant flavor and add pungency, a peculiar aroma and saltiness. Great for pasta sauces, pizza, fish, meats and salads. ...

Genovese Red Freddy ( Ocimum basilicum ) Marvelous dark red leaved Genovese, smooth broad leaf, same wonderful flavor as green, a real culinary eye catcher, grows about 21" tall.

Basil Seeds from around the world.

Beefsteak Tomato This old-time treasure, also known as Red Ponderosa or Crimson Cushion, is considered the original heirloom Beefsteak tomato. Indeterminate plants have lush, vigorous foliage of thick, regular leaves. The bright-red, grapefruit sized tomatoes have superbly sweet, “juice-ilicious” flavor! A cannin, cookin, slicin & definitely eatin tomato!

Yellow Stuffer Tomato Yellow tomatoes, shaped like bell peppers, are perfect for stuffing. Vigorous vines produce loads of 3 to 4-lobed fruits.

Eva Purple Ball 65 days Easy to grow, virtually problem free, and often called the most beautiful tomato of all. produces perfectly round, deep pink, 6-8 oz, juicy, sweet luscious globes with an outstanding rich and refreshing flavor. At first bite, the tanginess dominates, giving way a moment later to an enduring sweetness with overtones of tropical fruit and spice. Originally from the Black Forest of Germany in the late 1800s. This plant out produced all others in my 2005 summer garden.

Pepper, Tollis Sweet OG (Capsicum annuum) Sweet Italian heirloom named for Phil Tolli. Large, dependable yields of 5 long scarlet-red peppers. This is one of our all-around favorites for fresh eating, frying, and canning recipes. Great added to tomato sauces. 75-85 days from transplant. SWEET

Manyel Tomato 78 days. (Indeterminate) [The name Manyel means many moons. An heirloom reportedly of recent Native American origin. Fruits look like yellow moons amidst the sparse green foliage. Creamy yellow tomatoes with a characteristic lemon-like flavor. Smooth shouldered fruits are thin-walled with some concentric cracking. Average fruit weight is 6 oz. The sweet and lemony flavor of this variety is distinctive and adds another dimension to salads and tomato dishes.

Tomato, Velvet Red OG (Solanum lycopersicum) Winner of the 2009 Tomato Tasting at SSE’s Heritage Farm. From Joe Bratka of Elmwood, New Jersey. Striking silvery gray dusty miller-type foliage. Heavy yields of 1 cherry tomatoes, excellent sweet flavor. Occasionally a non-silvery plant will appear. Indeterminate, 75-80 days from transplant.

Pepper, Napoleon Sweet OG (Capsicum annuum) Eight-inch elongated bells are as mild as apples. Fruits stand upright on 2 plants and ripen from green to red. Best used when green or just turning to red. Listed in 1923 by L. L. Olds Seed Company and described as “Possibly the most productive of all the large peppers, bears consistently until frost. Remarkably early for a large fruited pepper.” Best 70-90 days from transplant. SWEET

Chocolate Cherry Tomato 70 days. As irresistible as a chocolate covered cherry, but without all of the guilt. These cherries have both skin and flesh shaded an attractive combination of port wine and chestnut with a comparably delicious and multifaceted flavor. The super productive, indeterminate plants produce trusses of 1 inch round fruit nonstop. We've found them enjoyable harvested fully mature, or even picked several days before they're fully ripe, then allowed to finish indoors.

1932 Burpee Seed Co says about Tangerine Tomato. This new main-crop tomato is as outstanding in quality as it is in appearance.The fruits are large and heavy, measuring 4 in diameter. as deep as they are high and inclined to be somewhat angular. The thin skin is a beautiful rich orange-the color of a fully ripened tangerine. The flesh is mellow golden yellow of appetizing appearance. The flavor is delightful-rich and tasty, of a sub-acid piquancy that stimulates the appetite.

Pretty Purple Pepper #9202 (30 seeds) Dark purple fruit and violet-colored flowers are what make this plant so special. Purple peppers almost cover the foliage, turning the 2-1/2 foot tall plants nearly purple. Upon maturity, the peppers turn red and are extremely hot. At this stage, purple, orange, and red fruit may be on plants at the same time, making a very colorful and attractive display.

Variegated tomato The foliage effect of ‘Variegata’ is evident from the seedling stage and stays quite showy until midsummer. The variegation then mostly disappears with hot weather but returns with the cooler temperatures of fall. I’ve tasted the relatively small fruits and wasn’t impressed with the flavor, though I’ve read that other gardeners think they’re great, so I’ll leave that for you to decide if you try growing it.

Pink Oxheart Late maturing, large heart-shaped pink fruits, occasionally very large, have a meaty texture, and a strong, sweet, old-fashioned flavour, whilst the skin is crack resistant. This variety copes well with dry conditions. (Cordon)

Cream Sausage Toma | Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co 70 - 75 days. Here is a new and stunning tomato, an elongated paste tomato that is creamy white to pale yellow in color. The sweet flavor should be a hit with gourmet chefs. Bushy plants are quite productive. Think of the new sauce colors this beauty will create!

Bulgarian Triumph is a little tomato with a big taste.  Considered one of the best fresh eating tomatoes availabe today.  Bulgarian Triumph is a prolific producer of red, thick-walled,  2-4 oz. fruits born in clusters of 8-10.  Resist cracking or catfacing.

Bulgarian Triumph Tomato Seeds

Banana Legs Tomato Reportedly stabilized from a single plant in a batch of unnamed crosses called Mixed Long Toms from Tater Mater in 1984. This fun and tasty tomato is similar in shape and color to a small banana. Banna Legs is very prolific, low acid taste, meaty and averaging 1½ inches in diameter by 3-4 inches in length.  Produces over a long season.   Sun bright yellow, meaty,  banana-shaped fruits that are great for slicing into salads.

Azoychka Russian heirloom (non-commercial variety), bred by a hobby gardener Valentina Petrovna Kruglova. The original name of this variety is Azochka (without y). It has also been known under the second name, Zolotoy Borago, in the former USSR since at least the 1980s (according to Andrey BELR BA A). A number of commercial vendors were selling potato-leaf Azoychka, which was an incorrect type, in the early 2000s. This error has now been corrected by the majority of the seed vendors.

Alicante is superior variety possessing all the things we look for in a tomato, producing an excellent crop of fine, full-bodied flavour. A particularly popular variety, maturing early and producing a uniform crop of medium sized fleshly fruits early in the season. An heritage variety and old English favorite, Alicante is an improvement of the well known ‘Moneymaker’ type. The fruits weigh around 70 to 90 grams and have good resistance to mildew and greenback.