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Kristin Henry

Kristin Henry

Geek extraordinaire. Maker. Generative Artist. Computer Scientist. Science Animator. Founder/President of GalaxyGoo. ..........

well-suited: Pattern Puzzle - Waterfall Jersey Skirt

Coat 1930, Made of silk

The National Museum of Natural History has specimens collected by a brainy 12-year-old named Teddy Roosevelt. #RooseveltsPBS

Henri Matisse: "La Femme En Jaune"

"Courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run it is easier." -Eleanor Roosevelt (via the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library)

Learn how to use a sloper to simplify altering commercial patterns.

Akihiko Miyoshi / "A "gray card" which has 18% reflectance is commonly used in photography as a reference to produce consistent exposure. We tend to think of gray, white, or black as neutral colorless color but in fact they are usually created using a combination of three primary colors. The piece 18% Gray deconstructs this by effectively using depth of field, another photographic trope." via nelson

Gertrud Vasegaard (1913-2007) was a third-generation Danish potter. Her life was devoted to ceramics until her death at 94. Vasegaard was little known outside of Denmark, but for one exhibition of her work in the UK in 2011. Repetition, lines and dynamic simplicity are classic attributes of her work