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genius idea if bringing kids to fairs/parades/amusement parks... write your phone # on child's hand and cover it in liquid bandage... temp tattoo that won't come off in water!

popsicle stick bracelets....can soak in water overnight or boil for 15 min. to make them pliable...then curve, dry and decorate with paint, scrapbook paper, stickers, ribbon, yarn, twine and/or rhinestones and nail decals, then modge podge!

Glow in the dark bubbles... what!?!?!?!

Mix a gallon of glue with glitter, then paint with it and the glue will dry clear. Instant glitter wall. For the accent wall @Erin B B B hughes

Bake marbles at 325/350 for 20 min. Put in ice water to make them crack on the inside. Glue end caps to them with starter rings to create pretty pendants! - love this!

DIY--instructions for a Canvas Reading Tent--what kid wouldn't love this!

Storage for Kids: long bookcase with legs and a cushion makes a great reading bench

SHIVERY snow paint is easy to make and SO FUN! Kids can create snowmen and other works of art that dry puffy and are COLD to the touch.

Homemade Nightlight (wine bottle, glass gems, christmas lights)THIS IS AMAZING!

Toys that are not picked up go in the ransom box and they have to pick a chore to complete to earn it back! A great lesson in personal responsibility.

Kid Sushi: 2 slices Turkey; 2 strips Swiss Cheese; 2 slices Bread; 1 teaspoon ranch dressing; 1 tablespoon thinly shredded carrots; 2 sweet baby pickles Method Place two slices of white bread with the crusts cut off on a flat surface side-by-side. Using a rolling pin, or glass, gently flatten and fuse the bread slices together. Spread the ranch dressing over the inside middle of the flat bread slices. Place two slices of the ham on top of the ranch dressing. Place the shredded carrots ...

Oh my heavens... sour patch grapes! Grapes coated in watermelon jello mix. A healthy snack that tastes like candy. I will take it.

Fresh pineapple-lime yogurt pops (a piece of cake to make and healthy!)

Glow in the dark bubbles!