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Gorgeous male outfit with wide contrast band on wristbands and hem

Takk for i år - Trondheim vikingmarked 2011 (Vikingsnitt)

Ekaterina's work

Finally a Eura pattern - open in Chrome to translate

Hantverkat (en sida av Mehloic) - Sy en Euraklänning

Tablet woven belts. Love the buckle

Die Wollhex - Tablet woven belts

Sam's Viking Dress - Over Tunic Inspiration Necklace. Belt and over-Tunic has genuine hand tablet woven trim from silk and wool threads. Blue Linen Under-Dress has hand embroidered metallic gold silk threads with bands of Dupioni silk trim.

Threads Of Time - Textile Gallery

Threads Of Time - Textile Gallery

Please read this about apron dress construction and decoration:

Threads Of Time - Textile Gallery

Apron cutting layout - 10th C Danish Viking Overdress by Finna Halfdansdottir (use internet archive to find article www.earlyperiod.c... ) - Articles - 10th C Danish Viking Overdress

Viking Hands: Jorvik Hood or Cap, viking age head wear 9th c

Viking Hands: Jorvik Hood or Cap

Color photos of Skjoldehamn tunic. Below link leads to the Facebook gallery of archeological textile finds, and modern reconstructions.

Pieter J. Pierot Viking Age Costume Guide

Wydawnictwo TRIGLAV - Zapowiedzi

Collar detail of Tunic from Skjoldehamn (Andøy, Norway) found in 1936, dated to around 1050.

An apron dress with pleats in the back, sewn down to a point just below the waist. These are deep but relatively few in number. I do not know the name of the woman who created this dress.

700 - 1000 AD, fragment of shirt/dress and apron dress from Haithabu, Germany (back then Denmark).

The Vikings of Bjornstad - Viking Museum Haithabu

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