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Bernuthsfeld tunic/shirt back - 680–775 CE Denmark (today Germany) His heavily worn tunic was patched out of 45 single pieces of cloth, out of 20 different fabrics in 9 different weaving patterns!

Gorgeous male outfit with wide contrast band on wristbands and hem

Takk for i år - Trondheim vikingmarked 2011 (Vikingsnitt)

Finally a Eura pattern - open in Chrome to translate

Hantverkat (en sida av Mehloic) - Sy en Euraklänning

Tablet woven belts. Love the buckle

Die Wollhex - Tablet woven belts

Sam's Viking Dress - Over Tunic Inspiration Necklace. Belt and over-Tunic has genuine hand tablet woven trim from silk and wool threads. Blue Linen Under-Dress has hand embroidered metallic gold silk threads with bands of Dupioni silk trim.

Threads Of Time - Textile Gallery

Threads Of Time - Textile Gallery

Please read this about apron dress construction and decoration:

Threads Of Time - Textile Gallery

Apron cutting layout - 10th C Danish Viking Overdress by Finna Halfdansdottir (use internet archive to find article www.earlyperiod.c... ) - Articles - 10th C Danish Viking Overdress

Viking Hands: Jorvik Hood or Cap, viking age head wear 9th c

Viking Hands: Jorvik Hood or Cap

Pieter J. Pierot Viking Age Costume Guide

Wydawnictwo TRIGLAV - Zapowiedzi

Collar detail of Tunic from Skjoldehamn (Andøy, Norway) found in 1936, dated to around 1050.

An apron dress with pleats in the back, sewn down to a point just below the waist. These are deep but relatively few in number. I do not know the name of the woman who created this dress.

700 - 1000 AD, fragment of shirt/dress and apron dress from Haithabu, Germany (back then Denmark).

The Vikings of Bjornstad - Viking Museum Haithabu